The Weekly Witch Review #25 : Spooky Twins, Skull Pancakes, A Hand-Crafted Spirit Board, Pagan Wedding Glam & More!

TGiF Witches...

Welcome to the latest edition of "The Weekly Witch Review", a kickass guide to all things new & exciting (or at least new & exciting to me) on the wonderfully wacky world wide web...

The Mysterious Ancient Pyramid That Is Rewriting History.

A Rolling Crone on Diane Arbus & Spooky Twins.

I am super confident that you are about to flip your lid for this Witchy, Voodoo-Queen, Pagan Wedding Photo Shoot in 4... 3... 2... 1...

Hot Lava & The Man In The Moon.

Ha! As a lover of leopard print everthing, I can NOT not love this.

The Domestic Witch on how the dark traditions of paganism and witchcraft have, despite the stigma, helped her to cope with and manage depression and BPD...

"The fact is for most pagans, if you tell professionals 
you believe in magick and different gods and goddesses, 
they think we are delusional and it is part of our mental illness!"

Archeologists in Turkey have reportedly made a spooky discovery, just in time for the start of Halloween season : Dracula's Dungeon.

Time for a new paradigm!!! How the "I AM..." statements made in addicts anonymous groups can lock one into a lifetime of identifying oneself as a victim.

The unspeakable has happened! We must speak of it immediately!... those are the first words spoken in the gloriously hand-made, endlessly amusing new movie, The Boxtrolls. Funny, right?

It also goes well beyond the comical to shine a light on the perils of greed, gluttony, and, most interesting to me, failing to heed your body's messages.

This film is packed with wonder. I would have watched it on silent for the incredible stop motion animation alone. Truly. In an age when most forms of entertainment are heavily digitized, a movie like this is a total delight!

So, of course, I eagerly gobbled up this interview with lead animator Travis Knight. Perhaps you'd like to, as well?

10 Products That Have Absolutely No Business Being Pumpkin Flavored.

(video) I remember when Whispering Clover first started creating this amazing Pendulum Spirit Board- which took quite a while to complete, because it involves hand-stamped & painted leather, tons of symbolism & just gaaaah... sooo much MAGiCK. One of the most thoughtful, detailed witchy accessories I have ever seen.

The Power Of Trusting Your Gut : Psychic medium Jill Willard on How To Become More Intuitive... (hint : the key is Trust.)

"We all have a knowing. 
It's really just a question of whether 
we're willing to acknowledge and 
honor what we know, 
and act on it in a positive way."

Williams-Sonoma & The Halloween Skulls Of Awesomeness : 1. Chocolate Caramel Skulls 2. Giant Day Of The Dead Cookies 3. Glass Skull Punch Bowl 4. Black Skull Mugs 5. Skull Cake Pan 6. Glitter Skull Apron 7. Skull Pancakes

Psychic medium & paranormal researcher, Debi Chestnut, on The Things That Scare Us & How To Get Over Them.

Can You Let Go Of Your Victim Story?

WiTCHY VLOG OF THE WEEK : Laura Daligan on The Magick Of Ivy...


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