How To Create Lasting Change + An Invite To JOiN ME For A Very Special Year & A Day... -xo

The beginning of any new year is an interesting time in terms of how intensely everyone's hopes & dreams seem to bubble up to the surface and then... ping! ping! ping! 

Those bubbles soon start to burst.

It's like that fresh, effervescent glass of champagne you hold up in JOY & celebration on New Year's Eve, followed by the flat, sour leftovers spawning fruit flies the next morning...

You're up! You're down. You're all around...

At least that's how it used to work for me.

That is until I got hip to the genius of baby steps, which makes that classic icon of a naked Happy New Year baby a most fitting metaphor...

Babies can't walk until they first learn to crawl, and they can't run until they learn to walk... 

That is Nature's way, and, as witches, we are called to go the way of Nature, are we not?

Therefore, I believe that easing your way into the new year gradually makes a lot more sense than trying to take a running leap straight from A - Z.

So- that's what I'm talking about here in my first video for 2015 & I hope it inspires you to start thinking about new ways to make change that actually lasts...

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Yay! It's almost time for another turn of the wheel...

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