Self Worth is Magnetic. Self Love is Contagious... And YOU? You're Like Totally Awesome!!! -xo

How do you take care of yourself?

How do you make sure that your needs are met?

How well do you take care of, maintain & invest in your health? Your home? Your closest relationships?

How about your financial future?

When & how often do you take time to simply enjoy yourself?

When & how often do you take time to invest in the achievement of your most beloved dreams?

If you take a bit of time to answer these questions, you will be left with a fairly decent idea of where you are on the SELF LOVE spectrum.

And the awesome news about taking the time to check in with yourself this way is that it affords you the opportunity to improve your situation.

It shows you where you are and if where you are is in alignment with where you want to be- and if that's in alignment with how you want to feel & what you want to create, experience, give... 

If you're NOT in alignment with all that, you can begin to course correct the second you make up your mind to do so, and one of the best ways I know for getting that ball rolling is to Act As If...

Here's the thing about SELF LOVE... it creates a ripple effect that is deeply profound.

If you truly love & value yourself, you are not only then able to extend that love & value to the people around you (you can only give what you've got), in effect, you are also helping them do the same... which helps others do the same and so on & so forth...

It's pay-it-forward at it's very best!

You're also going to be that much more powerful, magickally speaking, because Like attracts Like.

Beautiful relationships, special opportunities and audacious abundance find their way to those who feel worthy. Self Worth is magnetic. Self Love is contagious...

Remember that, and the need to practice regular Self Care becomes a service. It becomes something that you are doing for the good of all...

It has nothing to do with being selfish and everything to do with living your life on purpose, reaching your full potential and being a source of LOVE in the world.