THE WiTCH LiST : 13 Kickass Etsy Finds To Help Ground Into The Beauty Of Spring...

An interesting thing happened to me this month, which is that instead of writing about writing my novel- I've actually been writing it!

And- I gotta say- I'm feeling AWESOME about that.

I will resume documenting that journey here in April, but it was also pretty sweet to spend March NOT documenting it.

That means I did not write a blog post, as scheduled, today.

However- it's been 6 months since I've made a WiTCH LiST for you all, and I've really been itching to do another...

So- yay! There will be a blog post after all- albeit super late at night & not of the expected variety...

Here I am in bed at 10:30pm with a yummy cup of lavender-chamomile tea and my extensive list of Etsy favorites laid out before me...

I might have the world's longest list of Etsy favorites. At 4,198 items & ever-counting, it is, by any standards, complete crazy-pants...

I would like though to defend myself by saying that I started hoarding Etsy favorites way waaay back in January of 2008.

That's like eons in internet years, right?

There's just something about window-shopping (& shopping-shopping) on Etsy that puts my mind at ease, and I like to think of My Favorites as a kind of pre-Pinterest inspiration board.

I also like feeling like, in whatever small way, by clicking on that little red heart in the upper right hand corner of an item, I am supporting small biz.

So yeah... here we go... we've quite spontaneously got ourselves another WiTCH LiST & this time we're talking 13 Kickass Etsy Finds To Help Ground Into The Beauty Of Spring...

Root Chakra Loose Leaf Herbal Tea by Earth Energy Healings :

"The Cycles" Quartz Crystal Bib Necklace by Ebb And Flow By Ty :

Beltane Fire Element Pagan Prayer Beads by Indigo Desert Moon :

Organic Bee Balm Deodorant by Mountainess :

Goddess Song Talisman by Witchery Way :

★ Gypsy Soul Soft Flowy Tshirt by Boho Circus :

Sigil Chalk for Protective Faery Magick by Hedgefaery Herbals :

Skull Planter by Brooklyn Global :

Bee Pollen Raw Dark Chocolate by Wild Omen :

Brilliant Rainbow Fluorite Generators by The Velvet Lotus :

Carved Teak Shiwa Statue by Panthyon :

Wildcrafted Floral Smudge Wand by Le Fawnhawk :

NAMASTE, Witches... HAPPY SPRiNG!!! -xo