Balance vs Flow : The Oh So Personal Dance Of Masculine And Feminine Energies...

There is so much more to Masculine & Feminine energies than I am able to cover here today, but I really just wanted to focus on one way these aspects reside within us all and how we might bring them back into balance when they start to feel a little out of whack...

Please keep in mind that when I say "balance", I do not mean an equal distribution of Masculine & Feminine energy.

I actually think that we need more Masculine energy in certain situations like when asking for a raise, promoting a creative product or getting our butts to the gym on the regular, any time a bit of aggression or outward projection is called for.

The Masculine can help us push through to the finish, get organized and approach things in a streamlined, linear way.

Whereas we might need to call upon more Feminine energy in other situations like when creating from the heart, reaching out for support or allowing better opportunities to flow into our lives, as well as any time we just need a break, perhaps to integrate a period of intense learning or effort.

The Feminine can help us take stock of our lives, rest, recuperate and receive.

So striking a balance is really more like an ever-shifting dance in which sometimes the Feminine takes the lead and other times the Masculine...

I also feel that some people consistently have more of one energy in play than the other and that that is not only okay but entirely by design.

That is one of the things that makes us all so uniquely valuable. It keeps life fresh & interesting!

The key to enjoying this dance is to stay loose & playful, which means you may never really strike a perfect 50-50 balance- but you will be sure to keep moving (and not moving) in a way that feels true & right for you...

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