BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes from Energy Secrets - The Ultimate Well-Being Plan by Alla Svirinskaya

I have a weird connection to this book.

I've recommended it many times over the years, because there's something charming about it.

It's hard to say what that is, because, at first glance, Energy Secrets features much of the same information found in countless other new age books : auras, chakras, detoxing, space clearing...

I suppose it's the context I love.

Its author, Alla Svirinskaya, is a fifth generation Russian energy healer, and many of her favorite healing modalities have been handed down to her from her own mother and grandmother, reaching back through her family line...

"In Russia, we have made earth into a cult - 'Mother - Raw Earth'. There is a very old custom that when you travel on a long journey, you take a scoop of earth from the place where you live with you. The belief is that it will cure you of any sorrow or nostalgia."

"If you want to take control of your health and well-being, it is essential to understand your own energy system."

"It is impossible to create positive and healthy energy in a house full of clutter, dirt and dust. Clutter negatively affects our psyche and drains human life energy."

"We all have our own frequency and that frequency can change throughout our lives. Depending on what you learn in life, your frequency can become finer or denser."

"We are naturally drawn to people whose frequencies are harmonious with our own."

"We always have a choice- whether to engage in energy exchange or not. Just because another person is standing next to you does not mean that their energy should cross or interact with yours."

"Russian energy healers praise salt for it's magical qualities, believing that it possesses a supernatural ability to absorb all energy impurities. Consequently, salt is used in many healing ceremonies as a tool to ward off negative energies and entities."

"An intrinsic part of Russian life is what we call banya - our wonderful steam baths. Water (both in it's watery state and as steam) has always been used as a therapeutic tool."

"In Russia, as much as we love the heat of the banya, we also love the cold! Our country can be cold, very cold, but we do not avoid this extreme of temperature, but rather revel in it's health-giving benefits."

"It may come as a surprise to you, but cold and ice can be perhaps the most powerful way of rejuvenating your body and mind."  

"Endorphins are nature's universal painkillers and antidepressants. They calm you when you are over-excited and give you a boost when you're feeling emotionally depressed. Unlike drugs, however, they never disturb your perception of reality. They bring you into emotional balance."

"In Russia we have a long tradition of using bee products for health... One of the nost delicious ways of using honey is in sbitin. There are many ancient recipes for this famous Russian drink, which is over a thousand years old."

"Food affects not only our physical health, but also our emotional and mental well-being."

"In Russia, grain symbolises life, and we recognise that it is full of valuable vitamins and enzymes. It needs careful handling so we tend to cook our grains following (a special) method."

"It is especially beneficial to eat grains that have been sprouted. This is because a sprouted grain becomes a protein rather than a carbohydrate and so the energy of sprouted grains is much higher than ordinary grain."

"Work with nature: food that grows in the season which it was intended to grow is ideal for our health. Nature is clever: cooling salad crops in summer; heavy root vegetables in winter when we need warmth and bulk." 


"Don't demand too much of your body and your willpower by shifting everything at once. Make small changes and notice how much better your body feels with each one."

"When we have love in our life, it neutralizes all the negative emotions and energies inside and around us. Love gives a deep cleansing to all layers of our aura."

"Everyone has a life task, which has been selected individually, just for them. This task may be difficult but it won't be impossible- nobody is given more than they can handle."

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