Kickstart An Entirely New Way Of Being In The World... Starting With Food Straight From Mother Earth...

As Above So Below... As Within So Without...

This is one of my favorite spiritual principles, and I feel that it actually applies to the food we put in our bodies just as much as it does the thoughts we think, the feelings we feel & the magick we create...

It's interesting to me to note how many people are willing to spend a fortune feng shuing their homes into a state of cleanly perfection while failing to consider the way clutter & junk might be creating a similar kind of chaos in their first home...which, in fact, will be their last home... the very body that houses their soul!

This is a passion of mine.


I like good food.

I like to make it & eat it & share it & (as my Instagram account will attest) photograph it...
So yeah- I guess I play with my food!

Why not? It's FUN. And- I'd love to inspire you to do the same...

That's why I am bringing SEXY back this May, and why I hope you will join me for 4 weeks of kickass transformation & mind-expanding, body-rocking FUN with food straight from Mother Nature.


SAD To SEXY is a 4 week program designed to help you move gently & easily from the Standard American Diet (SAD) to a sexy, more vibrant lifestyle that includes lots of fresh, live food & a whole rainbow of tasty new possibilities. 

SAD To SEXY is designed to help you:
  • increase your energy levels
  • boost your libido
  • improve the texture of your skin
  • create that signature Raw Food Glow that raw foodists are famous for
  • achieve optimal health & a sexy body that you can be proud of
  • incorporate more healthy foods into your family's diet without anyone freaking out

SAD To SEXY is dogma-free. It is not about fear-mongering, guilt-inducing or shaming yourself into a tedious diet of deprivation.

SAD To SEXY is all about having FUN, exploring new flavors & textures, and easing more healthy foods into your life in a way that is convenient, affordable & sustainable.

SAD To SEXY is a multi-media online course, featuring:
  • educational videos
  • recipe tutorials
  • motivational email prompts
  • "Your Sexy New Bod" PDF workbook
  • "Get Your Sexy On" eBook
  • "Six Sexy Salads : The Beauty Of Avocado" eBook
SAD To SEXY enrollment also includes access to a private Facebook group, so that we can all follow along together, sharing tips, resources, encouragement & our sexy success story milestones. I will be there every day of the four week program to answer your questions.

SAD TO SEXY May 2015

*If you choose to use one of the payment plans, you will be billed for the second payment at the end of week 2. For those making 3 payments, you will be additionally billed at the end of week 3. Feel FREE to email me with any questions you have about SAD To SEXY.