THE WiTCH LiST : 15 Kickass Podcasts Guaranteed To Tickle Your Funny Bone & Expand Your Mind...

One of the questions I get asked most often is "What podcasts do you recommend?" 

Obviously, this is because I have a show of my own & am constantly referring to this, that or the other thing I heard somebody say the other day... usually on a podcast.

I always do my best to give credit where credit is due and love to promote my favorite reference material (thus- BOOK NERD!), and now this...

15 Kickass Podcasts Guaranteed To Tickle Your Funny Bone & Expand Your Mind!!!

These podcasts are, in my opinionated opinion, the best of the best, and it does bruise my ego a teensy bit to admit that they all have better sound quality than HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age.

The irony is that I am married to an audio engineer and have a full recording studio in my home.

I'm not even kidding about that...  but damn if it isn't funny!

One of these days, I will up the HiPPiE WiTCH game, but, for now, I am a one woman show with limited resources. So- I have to choose carefully where to invest my time.

Right now, I choose to invest it in writing top notch blog posts, newsletters & program modules while making the best videos I can.

Making those videos actually requires a ton of energy.

In contrast, calling into my podcast every Tuesday at Noon by phone just to casually shoot the breeze with you all from the comfort of my big brown corduroy couch is a total pleasure.

So is taking a break from the video-making every now & then, which is what I am doing now.

That's why I've got a little extra time to put together this list.

These are my all time, go-to faves for cheering myself up when I'm stuck in traffic, doing chores around the house or looking for an extra boost of inspiration on my morning walk.


Soul Connexions Radio with Robert Ohotto (archetypes, soul contract astrology)

The Duncan Trussell Family Hour (miscellaneous awesomeness) 

Tangentially Speaking with Dr. Christopher Ryan (miscellaneous awesomeness)

The Tim Ferriss Show (miscellaneous awesomeness) 

Down At The Crossroads with Christopher Orapello (magick, music, paganism) 

WTF with Marc Maron (celebrity interviews) 

The Dr. Drew Podcast (mental health, personal development, sobriety)

The Joe Rogan Experience (miscellaneous awesomeness)

Rewild Yourself with Daniel Vitalis (nature-based lifestyle, health, fitness) 

Dr. Lo Radio (diet, health, wellness)

Underground Wellness by Sean Croxton (diet, health, wellness) 

The Nerdist (celebrity interviews) 

Bulletproof Radio with Dave Asprey (biohacking, diet, fitness)

The Wellness Wonderland with Katie Dalebout (lifestyle, success, spirituality)

London Real with Brian Rose (lifestyle, personal development, celebrity interviews)