5 Steps To Being Truly Outrageous...

Lately- I've been riffing on this idea of what it means to be outrageous, truly outrageous... as in causing an outrage both internally & externally...  

As Within So Without...

A HEALTHY outrage...

The kind of outrage that burns like alchemical fire, transforming everything it touches into something more pure & refined... something more authentic... something more like GOLD...

In my youth I was a rebel without a cause.

I just liked pushing people's buttons to get a reaction out of them. I liked to see what they would do.

And- funny enough... they didn't like that very much! LOL.

Now- as I move deeper into my 40s, I am starting to realize that that was really just an immature way of asserting my desire to question everything and... okay- I'll admit it... a pathetic cry for attention.

I still question everything & I still like to push buttons, but now it is done with a lot more discernment & a genuine desire to understand life, other people & myself on a much deeper level.

If that makes me outrageous, so be it!

I don't mind that label. I don't mind it all.

In fact- I quite like it.

If you like it, too- if the thought of being outrageous shakes something loose in your Soul- if it lights a fire under your ass & has you itching to start pushing a few buttons of your own, here are a few tips for making that happen without being a total brat... 

1. Tell The Truth.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off...

Gloria Steinem said that, and she is a woman who knows of what she speaks!

She's not talking about tactless acts of random disclosure or personal insults delivered with insincere disclaimers like, "No offense, but..."   

She's talking about speaking the truth of who you are, even when who you are rubs people the wrong way.

She's talking about walking your talk with your head held high... no excuses, no apologies.

This is the kind of truth that is involved in coming out of the proverbial broom closet... or any closet created in shame. 

This is the kind of truth that will indeed set you free... 

It might piss you off- at first- but it will also, if you hang with it, liberate.

And- it will definitely piss off the people who encouraged you to get into that closet to begin with.

And- those are the very people who not only deserve to be pissed off but NEED to be pissed off.

They need someone to hold a mirror up to their own shame so that it can be healed. 

Not that it's YOUR job to do that- but that is what you'll be doing when you speak your truth & start living your life in a more fulfilling, outrageous way.

2. Say No And Say It Often.

No is NOT a four letter word. Obviously. But we sure do act like it!

People really have a problem with this teensy little word.

They don't like to say it & they definitely don't want to hear it when what they're aiming for is a big fat YES.

Yes. Yes. Yes. We all LOVE yes.

But NO, too, can be so very juicy & delicious.

A well-placed No can open space in your heart, mind & your datebook like no other.

It can move things around in a way that has the power to create a whole new reality. 

Therefore- to anyone wanting to live a truly outrageous life, a life of maximum autonomy & soul-quaking liberation- I highly recommend saying No and saying it often.

3. Embrace Your Imperfections.

Lena Dunham is one outrageous woman.

She pisses people off left & right simply by being herself, but mainly by flaunting her not-at-all industry-standard body and her less-than-pristine ideas about sexuality & what it means to be a woman.

She proudly shares photos of herself on Instagram, wearing too-tight workout gear with her muffin top on full display, and writes weird-uncomfortable things into her top-rated HBO series and her best-selling memoir.
And- she's laughing all the way to the bank!

Keeping it real has not hurt this woman's career one ioda. In fact, it's made her a superstar.

She has mastered the art of being outrageously true to herself, and that has made all the difference.

4. Do No Harm But Take No Shit.

When someone tries to cross your well-defined personal boundaries or engage you in a nasty game of passive-aggressive mind-fuckery, call them out on it!

Teach people how to treat you.

And- you don't have to be a complete jerkface about it.

You can simply say, "I see what you're doing there, and I want you to know- that's not okay with me."

You can (& you should!) calmly but clearly stand up for yourself.

The trick to this is in using discernment and keeping it classy.

Do NOT assume that you know the other person's intentions.

Simply state your experience of their behavior, and give them the chance to adjust & apologize or move on.

5. Allow Yourself To Be Fabulously, Unapologetically Wealthy.

Yes- WEALTHY. As in... rolling in dough!

Give me one good reason why NOT.

And- before you do- let me reiterate that I said one GOOD reason.

Why shouldn't you be wealthy?

What's wrong with having lots of money?

Isn't it what you do with your money that counts?

And- if you want to serve your fellow creatures & maybe even the entire planet in a really big way, wouldn't that be a whole lot easier to do with a great big pile of cash?

I'm calling BULLSHiT right now on those people who say that spiritual, heart-centered people should not be focused on money.

Money is the most powerful form of energy exchange known to modern man, and I would expect the healers, teachers & witchy thought-leaders of this day & age to be hip to that.

Are YOU hip to that?

If you're not but you wanna be, I've got just the thing for you...

And that's it, my friend... my 5 best tips for being truly outrageous without being a total brat!

If you've got some tips that you'd like to share, please FEEL FREE to do that in the comments section down below...