BiZ WiTCH : Tapping Into The Wisdom Of Tarot To Unblock Your Entrepreneurial Flow...

When it comes to people seeking BiZ WiTCH advice, the two questions I get asked the most frequently are...

1. How can I create a business that allows me to incorporate a wide variety of interests?

2. Don't I need another certification or a fancier website before people will take me seriously?

I thought it would be FUN to answer both of these questions here in this video, which is focused more on practical advice born of experience, and in the blog post down below, which is based purely on intuition and a couple of kickass tarot spreads... ENJOY!

I am going to share my personal take on these spreads, based on the first intuitive hits I received when I first pulled the cards & using whatever wisdom I've got hanging out in my subconscious- but I encourage you to give them your own spin as well!

What do the cards say to you?


1. How can I create a business that allows me to include a wide variety of interests?

The first thing that jumps out at me when I look at this spread is probably also what jumps out at YOU... Pentacles! Pentacles! Pentacles!

To me- this says... Grounding! Grounding! Grounding!

Feeling really grounded in the here & now, putting solid support structures into place while creating a consistent one-step-at-a-time momentum here on the earthly plane is exactly what every multi-passionate entrepreneur needs.

We are a special breed of creator, the kind who is fueled by passion & perhaps an excess of air energy, and so I can think of nothing more fitting than pulling three pentacle cards in a row for this read.

All aces have to do with the pure essence of their suit, and this particular knight is such a dependable, practical fellow. He gets it done!

So- it looks to me, as he is moving left to right, that this knight is being fueled by the grounded, stable energy of that ace and moving confidently toward the reward, which is the Nine Of Pentacles.

I often say that A Nine Of Pentacles Day is a very good day, and indeed it is!

This nine represents success & abundance in the material world, so honor your multi-passionate dreams by grounding them into the present with sound support structures & committed daily action, and- soon enough- you will be enjoying a Nine Of Pentacles Day of your own!

2. Don't I need another certification or a fancier website before people will take me seriously?


I literally sighed when I first took in the scope of this spread! Being that caught up in the energy of the mind (swords!) with all it's doubts and defensive strategies can be exhausting.

However- reading from left to right, I do see a hopeful progression happening here, so please keep the faith!

In fact, FAiTH would be a word that I would strongly suggest taking with you as you move forward, despite feeling under-prepared.

And- I am NOT saying that you are or aren't well-prepared (only you can determine that), but this spread was drawn with those in mind who never really feel prepared and have come to use that as an excuse to avoid jumping into the fray!  

(If you are able to get really still within & ruthlessly honest with yourself, you will clearly KNOW which camp you fall into.)

So- assuming fear is the real issue here, you are, as the middle card suggests, going to have to trust that you have what it takes to survive the ups & downs of Fate, even as you do what you can to co-create your Destiny.

Shit happens. It happens to us all, especially when we step into the unknown from a place of desperation or even a manipulative kind of energy (5 Of Swords).

So- you can expect that you will be challenged by taking this leap of Faith, but rising to this challenge from a place of Trust, a willingness to learn and- most importantly- a desire to be of service, will make you strong & eventually take you to a place of mastery, as is represented by the King.

Look at The Wheel Of Fortune as the route you must take to get to that place of mastery.

If you hop on the wheel at any place but the center, you will be at the mercy of the whims of Fate.

But- if you step into the center which- to me- represents heart-center, you will be more like the eye of the storm, witness to the ups & downs of running your own biz from a calm, centered place, better able to orient yourself to each situation and ride the wheel forward in Faith that it will move you toward a more empowering destination...

And- from there- you will begin again... and again...

"Life is a journey, not a destination." -Ralph Waldo Emerson

If you enjoyed this post & you're looking to start or expand your own heart-centric biz, I have something very special planned for you this June. It's called BiG HEART BiG BiZ, and I invite you now to learn all about it here...

p.s. People often ask me if I do tarot readings for the public. Tarot is a HUGE passion of mine, and I do incorporate it into what I do- just as you see here- but I do not read for other people. I leave that to kickass readers like the one & only Kelly-Ann Maddox of The Four Queens, who also has an affinity for heart-centered biz witches... So- if you're looking for something like that- I recommend looking her up! -xo