POWER TOOL #1 : Creating Thought Forms That Spring To Life...

Today is a very special day for KiCKASS WiTCH, because I am launching a brand new collection of tutorials in which I will be sharing all of my best secrets for creating REAL MAGiCK.

Let's call them... POWER TOOLS!!! 

My hope is that, over time, we will have ourselves a magickal tool box stuffed to the brim with all kinds of amazing goodies!

The first shall hereby be known as "Creating Thought Forms That Spring To Life!"

There are many ways to create a thought form, and there are many different names for such creations, some rather sinister...

I am going to share with you the kind that I personally work with, which is incredibly fun, super empowering and perfectly safe.

I am not going to have you conjuring up demons or even summoning angels.

This is about working with your own energy and tapping into the latent power you hold inside...

Within 24 hours of ordering "Creating Thought Forms That Spring To Life", you will receive an email containing a PDF tutorial and a private instructional video.

This tutorial is meant to engage your imagination and it is best approached with a light heart, an open mind & a kickass sense of wonder... ENJOY!

$10 Creating Thought Forms
*please allow up to 24 hours for delivery & be sure to check your 
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