Reverse Snobbism In The Spiritual Community & The Shadow Of Money...

MONEY. It's spiritual. It's energetic. It's a mirror.

It's the truth of who you ARE, who you think you are, and who you think you should be.

Are you curious to know what shadows you've got lurking deep within?

Look at your money.

Would you like to get really radical with your spiritual practice now?


Check it out.

Sit with it.

Do you LOVE money?

Do you think it's wrong to LOVE money?

Evil? Selfish? Wrong Wrong Wrong?

Do you HATE money?

Do you think money or the lack of it is the source of all your problems?

Maybe you think it's toxic, demeaning or just plain rude.

Maybe you've got mixed feelings about it...

You want more of it, A LOT more of it, but you resent those who have more than you.

Maybe you think they know something you don't.

Maybe you think they are better than you.

Some people think that by denying themselves money they are somehow better than those that have it...

More spiritual.

More wholesome.

More good.

Yeah- Yeah... That's the ticket!

Because I am sooo NOT into money and you are, I am clearly more spiritual than you.

More spiritual is better than more money, so there! Ha! You lose!

I think...

Does that make me a winner?

If so- why don't I FEEL like a winner?

Shouldn't a winner feel FREE & light? Shouldn't they feel content?

If I'm such a winner- why do I feel so much guilt, resentment & shame?

Why do I keep feeling the urge to place blame around the subject of MONEY?

Please forgive this weird lil' tumble through the Shadow Of Money... which is really just a reflection of my Money Shadow.

YOUR Money Shadow probably looks a little bit different.

It was most likely created when you were very-very young, and so it very likely has a lot of power over you.

It's also probably running the show still to this day... and not very well.

If that pisses you off--- if you don't want your Money Shadow to be running the show, the good news is...

There is absolutely something you can do about that!

And- that is what I am going to be talking about on tomorrow's episode of HiPPiE WiTCH : Magick For A New Age...

Tune in!

Bring a notebook!

We're going to be diving deep! -xo