BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes from Care Of The Soul - A Guide For Cultivating Depth & Sacredness In Everyday Life by Thomas Moore...

I LOVE and feel a special connection to every book featured HERE, but some are more quotable than others.

Care Of The Soul, for example, is practically built on one kickass quote after another, so it was quite the challenge choosing a smallish selection to share with you here today.

Thomas Moore's thing is archetypal psychology with a side of mythology, so he is expert at both navigating and explaining the psycho-spiritual terrain we witches long to explore.

While the message of this book is quite simple (caring for your self, flaws & all, is caring for your Soul), the implications are anything but, as you are a unique, complex individual and all aspects of that complexity must be allowed, even embraced, if you are to engage life with satisfying depth.

This book is not so much instructional as it is validating & insightful.

It will invite you to see your life through a new lens, one that is at once soothingly gentle & wildly empowering, and I'd recommend it to anyone...

"The fundamental principle in care of the soul is that soul needs tending." -Thomas Moore

"The human body is an immense source of imagination, a field on which imagination plays wantonly. The body is the soul presented in its richest and most expressive form. In the body, we see the soul articulated in gesture, dress, movement, shape, physiognomy, temperature, skin eruptions, tics, diseases- in countless expressive forms." -Thomas Moore

"The soul prospers in an environment that is concrete, particular, and vernacular. It feeds on the details of life..." -Thomas Moore

"If the pain could speak, what might it say?" -Thomas Moore

"A major difference between care and cure is that cure implies the end of trouble. If you are cured, you don't have to worry about whatever was bothering you any longer. But care has a sense of ongoing attention." -Thomas Moore 

"Clarity is not one of the gifts of poetry. On the other hand, poetry does provide depth, insight, wisdom, vision, language, and music." -Thomas Moore

"A myth is a sacred story set in a time and place outside history, describing in fictional form the fundamental truths of nature and human life." -Thomas Moore

"Mythology is not the same as myth. Mythology is a collection of stories that attempt to portray the myths, the deep patterns, that we live in our ordinary lives. Just as stories of our childhood and family evoke the myths that we live as adults, so cultural mythologies evoke mythic patterns that we may trace in modern life." -Thomas Moore

"Truth is not really a soul word; soul is after insight more than truth. Truth is a stopping point asking for commitment and defense. Insight is a fragment of awareness that invites further exploration." -Thomas Moore

"We are not going to have a soulful spirituality until we begin to think in the ways of the soul." -Thomas Moore

"When people observe the ways in which the soul is manifesting itself, they are enriched rather than impoverished. They receive back what is theirs, the very thing they have assumed to be so horrible that it should be cut out and tossed away." -Thomas Moore 

"At different times in our history we have denied soul to classes of beings we have wanted to control. Women, it was once said, have no soul. Slaves, the theological defense of a cruel system declared, have no soul, and thus we can do to them what we will. A revival of the doctrine of anima mundi would give soul back to the world of nature and artifact." -Thomas Moore

"If we knew in our hearts that things have soul, we could not govern them as conscious subject over inert object. Instead, we would have a mutual relationship of affection, respect, and care." -Thomas Moore 

"A tree, an animal, a stream, or a wooded grove can all be the focus of religious attention. The spirituality of a place might be marked with a well or a drawing on the ground or a pile of stones. When we place historical markers on battlefields or on homes where our ancestors were born or where George Washington slept, we are performing a genuine spiritual act. We are honoring the special spirit that is attached to a particular place." -Thomas Moore

"Ritual maintains the world's holiness. Knowing that everything we do, no matter how simple, has a halo of imagination around it and can serve the soul enriches life and makes the things around us more precious, more worthy of our protection and care." -Thomas Moore 

"In our spirituality, we reach for consciousness, awareness, and the highest values; in our soulfulness, we endure the most pleasurable and the most exhausting of human experiences and emotion. These two directions make up the fundamental pulse of human life, and to an extent, they have an attraction to each other." -Thomas Moore

"We care for the soul solely by honoring its expressions, by giving it time and opportunity to reveal itself, and by living life in a way that fosters the depth, interiority, and quality in which it flourishes. Soul is its own purpose and end." -Thomas Moore

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