The 100 Things Challenge : Liberate Yourself From The Clutter In 5 Days...

Now presenting...

My junk!

(featuring : Shakti Gawain's Creative Visualization CD set... LOVE Shakti, but haven't owned a CD player in over 3 years, Bucket Of Tongues- a book I bought but never read, a wooden pot of stinky stink-ass solid perfume, Bongo- Yes BONGO(!!!) sandals, an unloved fortune cookie still in the wrapper, a dazzling can of garbanzo beans & other funky stuff.)

This photo is the result of one of my more recent decluttering sessions and it is partly what inspired me to create the challenge I am presenting you here today...

The 100 Things Challenge.

Are you up for it? C'mon now... it'll be FUN!!!

The 100 Things Challenge : Monday, June 15 - Friday, June  19, 2015


1. Post a photo of your "20 things" HERE every day for all five days.

2. Everyone of your "20 things" must be a tangible, physical item.

3. No cheating, Sneaky Pants! Pairs count as one. ONE- ya here?

SUN DAY, June 21st, which just so happens to be SUMMER SOLSTiCE, I will be announcing the winner of the FREE 60 minute coaching call on Facebook. May the best witch win!!!

And- GOOD NEWS for those of you interested in participating in the Psycho-Spiritual Wheel Of The Year...