THE RETURN OF THE SOUL : Witches Who Run With The Wolves...

"Ain't gonna work for no soul suckin' jerk. 
I'm gonna take it all back & I ain't sayin' jack..." -Beck

Ah- wise words from a beloved rock star! You go, Beck! 


Why do we say that?

I hear this term used most often in relationship to the jobs people do- the jobs they reluctantly (& down right resentfully) do... The Soul-Sucking Job. But- you'll often hear it said in relation to a certain kind of frenemy, hometown, life partner or lover, as well.

One of the ways that Spirit communicates with me is through lyrics. A certain song will "randomly" pop into my head from seemingly out of no where & when this happens- it ALWAYS ties into some challenge I'm having or a psycho-spiritual idea I've been mulling over.

This song popped into my head this morning, right before I sat down to write this post, and not only did it give me pause- it made me laugh. (It's a funny song).

It also made me think. Certain situations, people & things DO seem to have the nasty ability to suck the Soul right out of you.

They leave you feeling dry & brittle, lost & lonely, angry & confused. They disconnect you from yourself- or rather you allow them to disconnect you from yourself.

Nothing can separate you from your Soul without your permission.

And- it is YOUR JOB alone to ensure that your Soul stays close.

You will know your Soul is close when you feel JOY in what you do.

You will know it is near when the people in your life make you feel like dancing and the home you live in sings the most pleasing song, when your work is your pleasure & the love flows freely.


Your Soul belongs in your Body. That is it's home.   

It does not belong somewhere "out there"- over the rainbow, although, through abuse, neglect & other unfortunate acts of betrayal, we often banish it there... straight to outer space.

Inner space is where the Soul belongs, and it will do it's damndest to let you know- "Hey! It's freezing out here & I want to come home!"

It will poke you, pick at you, cry out your name again & again in an attempt to get your attention, and all you have to do to welcome it back is say YES.

You say YES every time you do something kind for yourself. You say YES every time you light a candle, tidy your room, get a massage or do something really creative & FUN.

Your Soul LOVES to have FUN. It wants to play, and it speaks in myth & metaphor.

This is what I want to convey to you this month. This is what I so want you to understand.

Your life is meant to be a JOY. 

And- calling your Soul back to yourself is the first step in making it so...

As I just shared in the video above- one of the ways I recently called my Soul back to me was in buying my son & myself a kiddie pool...

This seemingly small (& inexpensive!) purchase had a deeply profound effect...

It allowed me to remember who I am by bringing me back into my body, and the body is the Soul's rightful home.

I invite you now to call your own Soul home.

It isn't hard to do. In fact- it is surprisingly simple. 

And- I've created these handy journal prompts to make it that much easier for you...


1. What lit you up as a child?

2. What were you doing back then that made you feel absolutely free?

3. What can you do NOW to recreate that experience? 

"To take the world into one's arms and act towards it in a soul-filled and 
soul-strengthening manner is a powerful act of wildish spirit.”  
-Clarissa Pinkola Estés