EVERY WiTCH WAY : An Interview with Erick Silvermoon on Healing From Bullying, Men & The Goddess + Tribal Magic Oracle Cards...

There was a time when those who were curious about magick had to scout out the nearest metaphysical shop for answers, which could- depending on where you live- require traveling quite the distance, or perusing a typo-rife paper catalog of mysterious sounding titles and ordering by way of snail mail, a hope & a prayer.

Those days are over.

The internet has not only made finding those answers a heck of a lot easier, it's also made it a fully customizable, personal experience.

There is a book, an e-course, a coach, a Youtube personality for everyone!

Some might begrudge this new era of easy access, but I lean into it with relish.

I LOVE the contrast.

You can get dark & dangerous one day and then all fluffy bunny the next.

You can study ancient hermetic systems, dive deep into this or that magickal tradition, research the history of the occult, or simply learn to raise your vibration by focusing on what makes you happy.

In exploring the variety, you get to home in on what resonates with you.

And- if what resonates with you is a healer who radiates joy but is not afraid to go deep with the shadow work, someone who has been through the emotional ringer and bounced back stronger than ever, a thought-leader who is happy to change his mind, share what he learns as he goes, and laugh... A LOT, than Erick Silvermoon just may be the witch for you...

Erick offers a kickass FREE GiFT for connecting with your Spiritual Tribe, a variety of intuitive readings, and his gorgeous Tribal Magic Oracle Cards here...

"Journeys are journeys for a reason. When you think you are done, it is only the beginning of a new one. It is one of the beautiful things about this human experience!" -Erick Silvermoon