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Thursday, August 13, 2015

EVERY WiTCH WAY : An Interview With Jeremy Crow about The Occult, Luciferianism and Walking The Lefft Hand Path...

You know what I think is really cool & exciting?

When you come across someone who totally busts apart a certain paradigm you've been holding and makes you look at the world in a whole new way.

Jeremy Crow did that for me quite a few years ago now, and I've been geeking out on his brain ever since.

If you are a person for whom the word "Lucifer" immediately strikes fear in your heart- or even just a dismissive roll of the eyes, I invite you now to shove your eyeballs back into your skull and pay attention.

This is an interview that has the potential to rearrange your insides...

For me, just watching Jeremy's videos over the years had a paradigm-shifting effect, so I wanted to approach this interview with a spirit of playfulness and curiosity in hopes that it might do the same for you...

Still- he surprised me many times during our chat and in conversation afterward. One interesting thought he shared post-interview is that my perception of Luciferianism as being a largely masculine experience is untrue. Apparently, the attendees of the last GCOL meeting in Toronto made up a 50/50 gender split.

So there! More myth-busting with Jeremy Crow.

If you'd like to venture further down this most fascinating rabbit hole, the following links will help you do that...


  1. ~ This is just my belief. I in no way expect anyone to believe, accept or follow it as their own. ~

    Da Ea Ba'al = Diabolo = Diabolical.
    Prince Ea was the Lord of creation. The first Lucifer. He was also the first
    Yaweh. His brother Enlil the lord of the word and command kicked Ea's creation out of the garden. Ea wore two DNA strands on his coat. We saw them as two serpents/Caduceus. This started the friction between the two brothers, when Ea taught us/man the original sin-sex without a breeding program or schedule. Ea taught us everything after we were kicked out.
    It was extremely hard for us/beasts out of the breeding garden, some of us wanted to come back and prince Enlil/lord of command gave the ones that did rules to follow. The others learned the secret of the Serepent from the teachers. These were the rejects who wouldnt go back to the garden and were called the Eazu/Easu/Jesus/teacher of righteousness. We were the non conformers who wouldnt go back to the garden and learned it was better to live with free will. But we've been deceived of this free will possibilty.
    Sirius represents canus major and minor, these beings were canine like and where we came from really. They were subservient to the Orions which were Reptilian. They were ruled by the Reptilian queens.
    It was the Lord of the word/Enlil who was resposible for the flood. But the two brothers made up after this. It was Ea's son Marduk who found himself deprived of the kingship to Sirius and found and alliance with a rebel Orion reptilian queen. She came to earth with Marduk/Ra, and he with this reptilian queen changed everything on earth including the sphinx.
    It is the Orion/Reptilian technology of bio electric technology given to the Sirians, gives them the ability to reprogram us with this technology-reprogram our minds - which happened around 4-6000 BC. We were programmed to forget anything relating to Ra's existence. The eveidence that we have been reprorammed is the fact that we only used 10% of our brain. This was done when we went through this bright white light. We have been left with this lingering memory to go to the light as we get recycled. Im telling you, DO NOT GO TO THE LIGHT!!! This is the deception. We must turn around and go to "our Light!" This is the big trick. I've said it before and now will again. We shed our mortal coils and go to the light and are reprogrammed, we must stop!!! But we know there's something wrong with the system. And this is what it is. There's nothing wrong with us, but there is with the system which we are burdened with. We cannot change anything, its a waste of time. We can change laws or things for the short term, but the system will repair itself. But hey don't take my word for it...

  2. Satan and Lucifer are only 2 different beings in Jeremy's paradigm. I personally believe Satan and Lucifer to be one and the same and here's why. Lucifer, according to Christian tradition brought light and forbidden knowledge to man and did this against God/Yahweh's wishes. Satan which comes from the word Shaitan in hebrew means adversary or opposer. So when Lucifer who brought forbidden knowledge to man and refused to bow down to man - according to the Christian version - he opposed God and was kicked out of heaven and became Gods adversary, or a Satan. Now I ask you, are these two beings or archetypes no different?

    Again, this is my belief system and I in no way expect anyone to believe follow or accept it as their own.

  3. Lucifer is a christian corruption of the Pagan Light God Lu which is why he is known as the Light Bearer or the Bringer of Enlightenment because that's what Lu did. According to the Enuma Elish Satan is Enki's son Marduk because he is the one who defeated TIamat and used hers and Quingu's flesh and blood to create the heavens and earth and all living things including the Human Race.