EVERY WiTCH WAY : An Interview with Audrey Alison, Astrological Adviser and Psychic Tarot Reader...

I recently discovered that Audrey Alison, one of Youtube's most beloved astrologers & tarot readers, is my neighbor! She's been my neighbor for a dozen years, we have so much in common, and neither one of us knew, for the bulk of that time, that the other existed!

Upon making this discovery, I felt like my universe somehow shrank & expanded all at once...

The internet can virtually bring the world's most fascinating characters right to your yard, and- come to find out... It can do so quite literally, as well!

For all the many things we have in common, Audrey's vibe is strikingly different than my own.

She's got such a soothing presence and really takes her time before answering each question.

There's an observant, absorbent quality to her gaze, and I find myself having to bring my zing zangy energy down a notch to meet her there, which feels like a form of conversational entrainment.

Do you know what I mean?

I'm curious to know- just for the fun of it- if you sensed me trying to downshift at various points in this conversation, as well...

★ If you'd like to contact Audrey for a reading or explore her kickass library of videos & articles, you can do that HERE.

BONUS AWESOME : Audrey's also in a band called The Ethers, and I kid you not when I say- they absolutely ROCK.