Power From Within : Changing Your Mind On Purpose One Paradigm At A Time...

There are two distinct approaches when it comes to practicing magick.

They both involve all manner of spell work, chanting, astral travel, vision boards, etc, but the intention and resulting outcome of each can be quite different.

The first is focused on the creation of external change, bending reality to your desire. This could look like a candle spell designed to attract a specific lover, a chant repeated to win the lottery or a poppet made to bring down a perceived threat.

The second is focused on creating change within, and that's my kind of magick. It looks more like going into a trance state to meet your higher self, reading tarot cards to divine your next right move or building a mojo bag to empower yourself with courage.

Creating change within has the awesome side effect of creating external change, because the world around us naturally reflects the world within.

This, to my mind, is a superior practice. It's simply more efficient and satisfying, because external change that is created in conformity with the will of your Soul feels right. It feels right for you.

Whereas change that is created from the desires of your ego can feel a little off or- worse- lead to feelings of despair.

I should clarify too that when I say "creating change within"- I am talking about changing one's mind, changing one's beliefs, old programs and paradigms, bringing the ego into alignment with the Soul.

This places the ego in service to the Soul- the ego's intended position.

Ego in service to the Soul creates peace within and dazzling synchronicity externally.  It's the ultimate win-win situation, creating change both within and without.

So- how does one begin to create change from within?

One paradigm at a time, my friend...

"If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." -Henry David Thoreau


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