I Don't Believe In Correspondences... Except When I Do... + (vid) The Physical Manifestation Of Your Inner World

I am perhaps a unique witch in that my primary formula for magick is the Law Of Attraction.

That's why many things laid out in books about Wicca or traditional witchcraft, such as correspondences, don't always resonate with me.

But- I was sitting out in my yard the other day, grooving on the sounds of nature & the utterly hypnotic scent of this incense I was burning when I made an interesting connection.

A friend of mine, Nadia Romonov, made that incense by hand with herbs & spices like patchouli & vanilla (two of my all time faves), and the aroma was making me come so alive.

It made me feel blessed, sensual and so turned on by the whole prospect of life.

Fittingly, she'd name this particular stick "Good Fortune".

Good Fortune... Good Fortune... YES. That's exactly what it made me feel!

I went back into my witchy closet to count how many sticks of it I had left before I'd have to re-up... and make no mistake- I will HAVE TO re-up... and that's when it hit me...

I think I just landed on a personal correspondence, a way of calling in the energy of Good Fortune using one of the most potent sensory stimulants known to man... the sense of smell.

Now- I know this is not necessarily how correspondences are typically laid out.

Correspondences usually have more to do with planetary alignments and some proposed energetic resonance, but- to be honest- that's just never been good enough for me.

I need to FEEL it. I need to have my own experience of something before it will be integrated into my practice.

Having said that, I do have other sensory triggers that are a part of my practice and that I do call on for certain acts of magick.

For example, I use grapefruit oil when I want to lend a refreshing, energetic punch to a spell, frankincense oil for meditation, patchouli herb for grounding or bringing a desired outcome closer to manifestation.

I also work with the phases of the moon and the Witches Pyramid as templates for magick.

Certain animals hold special resonance for me as well, ravens for psychic vision and hummingbirds for a lightness of spirit, and don't even get me started on trees & weeds.

So- there you have it...

I don't believe in correspondences... except when I do.