BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes from Sidewalk Oracles - Playing With Signs, Symbols & Synchronicity In Everyday Life by Robert Moss

Every once in a while I stumble upon a book that grabs hold of me & shakes me to the core.

This is one of these books.

And- the core it shook me to is one of absolute JOY & playfulness.

This is one fun, exciting read, and, if you actually play the games suggested within, your life is going to become that much more fun & exciting, as well!

And- let me just add that I am NOT at all new to symbolism, working with signs from Spirit or the magick of synchronicity.

There's just something about Robert Moss and Sidewalk Oracles that turns that all up several notches. The amazingly symbolic dreams and stunning synchronicities I've experienced since first picking it up have truly changed my life. They've become a way of life, and, as such, life itself has become the greatest pleasure...

"Asking for help from friendly spirits is always a good idea." -Robert Moss

"To walk the spiral path in life is to notice each time you come to a choice or a situation that resembles one you have encountered before, and then apply what you can learn from the past experience to avoid repeating mistakes. The secret logic of our lives is revealed through resemblances." -Robert Moss

"We draw people and events to us according to our ruling interests and passions." -Robert Moss

"When synchronicity brings you into an important encounter with another person, you can be pretty sure that in some sense that person is going to be a significant other- partner, lover, spouse, soul friend, workmate, fellow traveler on the roads of life." -Robert Moss

"Chance encounters may not be caused, in the sense of being made my appointment, but they may be called." -Robert Moss

"I will offer a new word to describe the practice of navigating by synchronicity. The word is kairomancy. It combines the Greek word kairos, meaning a 'special moment', and manteia, meaning "oracle" or "divination". Kairomancy... is the art of divination through special moments, in the Kairos time of special opportunity that puts a thrill of possibility in your mind and body and can set your world trembling." -Robert Moss

"The O.A.T.H. of the Kairomancer : Be Open to new experience; Available, willing to set aside plans and step out of boxes; able to give Thanks for what the world gives you; and ready to take action to Honor what comes in a Kairos moment." -Robert Moss

"Consciously or unconsciously, we walk on a kind of mythic edge. Just behind the gauzy veil of ordinary understanding, there are other powers, beings who live in the fifth dimension or dimensions beyond." -Robert Moss

"Trickster is the mode the Gatekeeper- that power that opens doors in your life- adopts when you need to change and adapt and recover your sense of humor. If you are set in your ways and wedded to a linear agenda, the Trickster can be your devil. If you are open to the unexpected, and willing to turn on a dime (or something smaller), the Trickster can be a very good friend. " -Robert Moss

"We are more likely to meet the Trickster at liminal times and in liminal places, because his preferred realm is the borderlands between the tame and the wild. He invites us to live a little more on the wild side. He approves when we make a game or a story out of it when our plans get upset, our certainties scrambled. He insists on a sense of humor." -Robert Moss

"Your journal will become the best encyclopedia of symbols you will ever find. It will also become your very best book oracle." -Robert Moss

"Pay attention when the same theme, or symbol, or image comes up again and again, just as you might pay attention to recurring dreams. When a theme or situation comes to you again and again in dreams, that is often a signal that there is a message coming through that you need to read correctly- and that beyond merely getting the message, you need to do something about it, to take action." -Robert Moss

"High emotions, high passions generate results... There is an art to learning to operate when your passions are riding high and to recognize that is a moment when you can make magic." -Robert Moss

"The stronger our emotions, the stronger their effects on our psychic and physical environment. And the effect of our emotions may reach much further than we can initially understand. They can generate a convergence of incidents and energies, for good or bad, in ways that change everything in our lives and affect the lives of many others." -Robert Moss

"It seems that the body, or the energy field around it, has intricate antennae that are constantly scanning for changes that will affect it. Most of us know about this from everyday experience. You feel a sense of dread or elation, a lifting of the heart or a churning of the stomach, that has no evident explanation until a subsequent event takes place that would cause such a physical reaction... Scientific research into this phenomenon, which is sometimes described as 'time-revered interference', has been going on since the 1990s." -Robert Moss

"The dream self is forever tracking ahead of the ordinary self, scouting challenges and opportunities that lie in the future. It's expeditions leave trace memories of the future that come alive when we enter a scene we have dreamed." -Robert Moss

"On a path of transformation, you reach a point where you break down or you break through, and sometimes the breakdown comes before the breakthrough." -Robert Moss

"For every setback, look for opportunity." -Robert Moss

"Don't leave home without your sense of humor." -Robert Moss

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