Harness Your Fire By Calling On The New Khaleesi Archetype + A Non-Believer's Guide To Working With Gods & Goddesses

Harness Your Fire By Calling On The New Khaleesi Archetype :

If you are one of the millions of fans who eagerly tune in every SUN DAY evening to watch the latest installment of Game Of Thrones, than you are going to absolutely LOVE this post, especially if you’re a fan of Daenerys Targaryen or you’ve been looking for a way to tap into & focus your own fiery passion.

What I’m about to share with you now is one seriously FUN & empowering way to get not only more shit done but the RiGHT shit done and with less effort.

It will infuse you with confidence, teach you how to harness the loyalty of your very own dragon warriors and guide you in setting strong boundaries of protection so that you can go about the business of living your true Soul’s purpose. 

Does that sound like something you would like to do?

If so... Awesome! Let’s do this…

I hereby declare The New Khaleesi Archetype a thing! 

What is The New Khaleesi Archetype?

It is a cultural program, a collectively-held pattern of energy that you can source for your own magickal purposes, much like you would do working with any ancient god or goddess. The difference is she’s new.

Still- the way you might call upon and work with her is the same as you would any “official” deity.

Simply invoke her name…

"Khaleesi, Mother Of Dragons, Queen Of Fire, Breaker Of Chains, may your courage be my own. Embolden me with the power of conviction and strengthen my resolve to face my enemies, both within and without, in grace and with absolute purpose".

I encourage you to write your own invocation and to tailor it to your own needs.

Of course, you can also invest in a Khaleesi statue or toy figurine to set on your altar as a focal point, or you could print out your favorite images of her to make a devoted vision board, shadow box or prayer candle. You could make a small bowl of “dragon eggs”, using egg-shaped crystals of a fiery nature. Citrine perhaps? Fire Opals in the matrix actually look like baby dragons waiting to hatch, and you can buy them on Ebay or Etsy in the shape of eggs.

However you choose to call that energy in, it’s then up to you to put it to good use, and the best way I know to do that is by letting it guide you to a greater understanding of yourself and your place in the world.

Keeping that in mind, here are 3 Tips For Working With The New Khaleesi Archetype :

1. Step Into Your Power…

Khaleesi began her journey to Queendom as a piece of property. Her beautiful body was subject to the whims of the men around her and they used her to do their bidding, including her own brother who forced her into marriage in an attempt to gain for himself an army that would win him the ultimate prize, the Iron Throne.

This, however, was one of those moments when Fate intervened, as Khaleesi’s Soul was on a clear mission that she, a helpless girl and teenage bride, would soon grow into, as her marriage had the unexpected effect of delivering her true love, ridding her of her abusive brother, and connecting her finally to her own innate power.

Life will do that, you know. It will present you with the most harrowing hardships in order to shape you into the badass you were meant to be, and it is only in retrospect that you are able to see the hand of Fate moving things along.

Still- you must rise to meet the challenge. You must step into your power when called.

Once Khaleesi was shown a glimpse of her own power, she claimed it. She boldly declared herself the Mother Of Dragons, Breaker Of Chains and future Queen of the Seven Kingdoms, and she meant it, come hell or high water.

If you feel inspired by this & would like to step into your own power, look back over the hardships of your life. See how they shaped you, despite the pain they caused. Ask yourself how might they've shaped you for a cause beyond your immediate needs? Do you see any patterns in the hardships of your life? What did they train you for?

2. Embrace Your Inner Dragons…

Khaleesi is known as The Mother Of Dragons, because she is literally the mother of three fire-breathing dragons. The were born to her through fire, and fire, for better or worse, is their greatest weapon.

You too have given birth to many dragons. These dragons live in your shadow as the abandoned, denied aspects of yourself. In The Spiritually Mature Witch, I call these aspects “demons”, but for today’s purpose we’re going to call them dragons.

Looking at the rejected parts of yourself as dragons is a revelation when you take into consideration Khaleesi’s relationship with her dragons. Unchecked, they unleash all kinds of random hell on unsuspecting sheep & villagers, burning to a crisp anything that moves.

However- when called upon in the name of love, as her beloved children, they serve her mightily, protecting her from her enemies and lifting her high above the fray of war.

Your shadow behaves in much the same way as Khaleesi’s dragons. Unchecked, it is a menace, but when it is approached with compassion, acceptance and love, it becomes an amazing ally.

If you’d like to explore this concept in a more personal way, name one of your shadow dragons now. See if you can identify both the ways it has wreaked havoc in your life and the potential it may, in turn, contain for real growth.

Can you forgive it for the moments it has unconsciously unleashed a whole mess of hell? And can you find a way to invite it into your heart with all the compassion you would your own child? It is, after all, nothing more, nothing less than a lost piece of you.    

3. Stand Your Ground…

Khaleesi is on a mission. She is absolutely, unquestioningly devoted to her Soul’s purpose, which she genuinely believes is for the good of all. She will be Queen. There is no question about it, not in her own mind nor in the minds of the masses of people she gradually wins over one village at a time with her unflinching conviction.

This conviction is what allows her to make tough decisions, like who will die and who will live, who is worthy of her mission and who must be cast aside in order to further her most righteous cause.

When you have that kind of unwavering commitment to a cause greater than yourself, you are able to make clean, precise decisions about what the next right move will be and how to stay the course.

You will not be swayed by petty distractions or the drama other, less-focused individuals may lay at your feet. Your NO means NO, and your YES means YES, and the strength of that has an accumulative effect on the people who gather around you. They KNOW you are not messing around, which is a direct line to faith & trust.

Do you have a sense of what your Soul’s purpose might be?

It’s okay if you don’t. The New Khaleesi Archetype can help you find it.

Simply choose a project or goal that you are currently passionate about and then ask yourself the following questions :

- What needs to be burned away now in order to fully direct my focus on bringing this one thing to completion?

- Where in my life will I have to say NO in order to fulfill this mission?

- How will fulfilling this mission serve the greater good & am I fully committed to making that happen?

Once you’ve leveraged enough clarity of purpose and passion behind your goal, immediately get yourself into action, call on Khaleesi to help you, and continue to move forward, one right action after the next until your goal is achieved. The lessons you learn and the strength you acquire along the way will bring you that much closer to uncovering your greater Soul’s purpose, and you may find in the process that you’ve been living it all along.

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