Who's The New Ageiest Witch On The Block? Me! I am...

Hey Hey Hey...

It's me again, here to answer more of the questions you were kind enough to pose in the latest survey I sent to my newsletter subscribers.

And- please just let me remind you now that nothing- ABSOLUTELY NOTHiNG- I am saying here is The Truth.

It is simply a reflection of my spiritual journey so far & the lessons I've learned along the way with hopefully little bits of wisdom sprinkled throughout.

Take of it what you will &... ENJOY!

One thing I've gotten very clear on since starting KiCKASS WiTCH however long ago now is that I do not want to help people ascend to the next spiritual dimension, instruct them on how to invite ancient gods & goddesses into their ritual circle or teach them how to become adept at breaking into the Akashic Record.

There are plenty of people online who do that already and do it well.

I simply want to inspire fellow travelers to enjoy each & every day of this life they have been given, to keep keeping on past the point of fear and to ultimately reach their full potential.

Yes- magick is amazing. I LOVE it. I do.

But so too is noshing on the juiciest slice of watermelon, deep belly laughs with your very best friend and running through the sprinklers on a hot summer day.

I'm most interested in discovering & sharing new ways to enjoy this 3-D, manifest reality, and so forgive me, please, if this video is light on glamour & sorcery.

It is what it is, and I assure you- it comes straight from the heart. 💗