What's The Matter With You??? The Truth About Allowing The Law Of Attraction To Do It's Magickal Thing...

I've been practicing magick & working with people who want to create REAL CHANGE in their lives for enough years now to see some clear patterns emerge...

One that has really caught my attention lately is our inability to manifest our heart's desires due to fear.

As I said in Tuesday's podcast, fear is a liar, so, instead of recognizing the voice of fear for what it is, we buy into it's bullshit by convincing ourselves that :

- I've changed my mind.

- I just don't care about that anymore.

- I'm so busy.

- It's too hard.

- I don't have enough money, support, time to make it happen.

- The odds are stacked against me.

And- our confidence in ourselves erodes as a result.

Either that- or our confidence in magick suffers, which leaves us feeling helpless in the face of circumstances that seem so far outside our realm of control.

To remedy this I propose we each take the time to get radically acquainted with our excuses and to hold them up to the standard of Truth that lives inside us all.

"Is it true?" is one of the best defenses against inertia.

And- having the strength of character to allow The Universe to begin shifting matter into alignment with the requests we have made is a hallmark of spiritual maturity.

It requires grace, faith, courage & a whole lotta self awareness, all qualities the best magicians have in spades! 

And- if you're not quite there yet...

If you find yourself craving that kind of grace, faith, courage & self awareness...

It's not a book for the faint of heart, but I promise that, if you're willing to practice the keys outlined within with some regularity, you will be that much closer to being an expert allower in no time!