Witching On The Go Is Totally A Thing. Have You Tried It?

What is magick for if not to make our lives better?

For me, magick has always been about getting out of my own way, so that I can do that thing that used to frighten me, take that step that pushes me beyond my comfort zone (aka The Zone Lies), and bring myself back to the present moment again & again & as many times as it takes in order to truly experience this one precious life I have been given in full color & with maximum joy.

Therefore- Witching On The Go is my primary modus operandi.

Here are some of my favorite techniques for Witching On The Go. They are mainly based on a conscious manipulation of the senses, and I've found them to be the most easily accessed, portable form of magick for not only surviving but thriving your way through a very busy day...

What are YOUR favorite tricks for Witching On The Go?