A Pre-MEGA VLOG Rant On Vulnerability, Courage & Being The Queen Of Your Own Life...

What does it mean to be a Queen?

Now, with less than 2 months left of 2016 : The Year Of The Queen, I am deep in the throes of trying to answer that question.

I really want to own that word, to walk that walk & to end this year feeling like I have come into my own as the Queen of my own life.

Surprisingly, one of the key lessons in working with this archetype has been strength earned by extreme vulnerability.

In the last couple months, I've begun sharing things with my Patreon supporters, embarrassing things, things about my past & personal struggles, things I have never shared before, and yesterday I shared on Facebook that I made it all the way to the ripe old age of 43 without ever having voted in a major U.S. election.

Ugh... Cringe!

My ego always takes a major hit when I share like that, because my ego thinks that I should be perfect. My ego is stubbornly committed to the idea that I should be a shining example of beauty, wealth, health, intelligence, talent and wise wise wisdom at all times.

Thankfully, my Soul knows better.

Being a Queen (or King) is not about being perfect. It's about courage, personal sovereignty, carrying on in the face of adversity & speaking your truth, even when your truth is that you are a work in progress.

You can still lead and be a work in progress. You can teach. You can heal.

That's because we're all a work in progress.

If being perfect was a prerequisite for running for office, writing a self help book, having kids or starting your own business, none of us would ever get anything done.

We are here to inspire & support each other one courageous step at a time. We are here to move forward together.

It is the person who gets knocked down and keeps getting back up that inspires me. It's the student with dyslexia studying to be an english teacher, the mother with chronic fatigue syndrome taking care of three little ones, the big shot CEO who says "I'm sorry. I made a costly mistake", and the paraplegic doing his first triathalon.

In fact, it's our imperfections that set the stage for courage.

It's our flaws that challenge us to push beyond our perceived limitations and to find out what we're really made of.

Vulnerability is accepting that challenge.

Vulnerability is the seat of your throne.

From the outside looking in, it looks like the hot seat.

No one wants to sit in the hot seat.

But- for those brave Souls who are willing to give it a try, strength is the reward.

Strength in character. Personal strength. The strength to try for more.

That, to me, is so utterly Queenly, Kingly, and completely kickass.

And- moving forward from here... it's exactly what I'm aiming for.