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How Does Magick Factor Into Your Lifestyle?

I recently asked that question of my beloved witchy friends on social media, and the answers they gave delighted me to no end. I hope you'll feel a similar sense of delight & perhaps inspiration as you read through some of their answers.

Whether you spell it with a K or in a more traditional way, magick absolutely has a place in lifestyle design, as these thoughtful, creative women demonstrate on the daily...

"Magic is my everything! It's how I relate to my husband, my children, and most importantly myself. Its not about fitting it into my lifestyle, its that I see everything already AS magic. Its impossible to filter it out of my day to day. I've tried. 

Sometimes it makes me think I'm crazy, but then I realize that I love the way I see things. 

This life is beautiful to me, and if that makes me loca from an outsiders perspective, so be it. 

Plus, a lot of what I call magic is what others call Science, Nature, or Love. To me it is all the same. To me, its all magical." -Sara Lee, Heart Path Tantra


★ "How I've created a magical lifestyle is by finding the magic in everything. I love wind and smelling flowers. I walk barefoot to feel the earth. I look at my kids and see how wonderful they are. I try and appreciate the magic in everything every day." -Yvonne Marie Ames 

"Magick factors into the food I eat, the colours I wear, the way I respond to people, the way I experience nature, the choices I make, the risks I take, the love I give and receive, the words I speak, the things I create, the places I choose to go, the things I choose to learn, the way I grieve, the things I buy, the thoughts I have and the care I take of myself. 

On a really really bad day, a really REALLY bad day, I still have that little witchy soul that knows that the possibilities for change are infinite, and sometimes you've just got to breathe your way through the toughest days. 

Magick is my daily bread." -Bette May Davis

"My magic practice, creative energy and a huge source of happiness in life comes from enjoying and exploring the earth and recognizing my part in the greater whole. 

I moved from Boise, Idaho to the Grand Canyon--on a whim--just over a year and a half ago, and I'm living in Flagstaff now. 

The landscape of Northern Arizona is intensely spiritual! 

There's the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley (pictured below), a lot of ancient ruin sites, the Havasupai waterfalls, the Hopi mesa villages, and a mountain in my neighborhood where the Kachina spirits are said to reside! 

Whether going on short trips, or a hike, I make it a priority to explore and spend time with Mother Nature at least once a week on my days off of work. This is where all of my rituals happen as well." -Laura Hansen


"It's in every atom of my being. Bad day? Extreme self care and shadow work. Good day? Gratitude, healing and love. As you said yourself; you are magick. Cooking with intent; anything with intent is magic." -Rebecca Tompkins, Mums The Witch, Elemental Daughter 

★ "I think it can be difficult to fit into your lifestyle. So when it really comes down to the core of it, it is how I form my thoughts, what my outlook on life is, and never forgetting that when there is no time for reading books and tarot cards, no time for ritual and elaborate spell casting, there is ALWAYS time to just go out and breath in the wind, soak in the sun through my hands, squish into the earth with my toes, and cleanse with the rain." -Tara Hendrickson

"I manage between 30-50 employees, depending on the season. Everyone views me as tough, knows I run a tight ship and would never even guess that I'm the slightest bit spiritual. And for the sake of the respect I fought so hard to earn and fear of judgement, I have to keep it that way. I'm a private spiritual anyway... LOL.

So- here's how I incorporate my spirituality into my lifestyle :

I use a gratitude jar. I've been using it for about a month and it has literally flipped my life around.

Every day I'll give it at least 2 entries. I make a small ritual out of it. I always light the same incense, the same candle, do the same visualizations etc.  I write them on gift tags, scraps of wood, anything interesting I find at hobby lobby. Acorns, glitter, I make it visually interesting.

But this has revolutionized my life... I started being grateful for things that hadn't happened yet. I put my gratitude in the jar, and I carry it with me all day.

Green light? Thank you.

Someone held open the door? Thank you.

Weather turned stormy and that's my favorite? Thank you.

All the food fits just right in my cabinet? Thank you.

This... this really does work like magic. 

During Christmas time I manage the warehouse operations of the business I'm in, and I work the graveyard shift. We get trucks with over 2,000 cases that need to be worked in a night. 

Every year, for lack of a better word, it's a clusterfuck. You can't move. There are boxes everywhere, merch everywhere. Everything is backing up, the sales floor people blame you for everything  - its a mess.

I started practicing being grateful, writing and ritualizing the gratitude for every aspect of my job in that jar, and within a week, we went from having to climb over boxes to get to the computer to completely 100% clean and clear. Not a box in sight. Everything organized. Morale is high, and we're accomplishing all of this with more merchandise flow than last year and 10 less people.

I also started ritualizing the gratitude for my money, and I got a call from my district manager awarding me a raise I wasn't even eligible for! I had already gotten my yearly raise!

One night we were set to receive a massive truck and I knew we had to empty our storage first before receiving it. I wrote down thank yous for all our storage being empty and kept that gratitude all day, and then the truck that night was CANCELLED. It got lost at the distribution center! Thats never even happened!

So guess what we all spent the night doing?

That's right. Emptying our storage just like I wanted. 

I've experienced so many little blessings and joys besides those listed, but I really feel like this should be shared, and I don't have a platform to share it on. Please pass it on." -Anonymous

"I started using Magick full force to create my lifestyle when I decided to leave waitressing behind in 2001. I had no idea what I would do, because I didn’t think I had any other skills that I could turn into a job, career or business, and I was basically broke.

My cousin Jodi gave me a deck of Louise Hay’s affirmation cards. I sat down everyday and went through the whole deck repeating each affirmation, such as, “I am open and receptive to new avenues of income” and “All is well in my world.”

Very shortly after I began this new magical way of thinking, I was offered a job in the matchmaking industry. I jumped in feet first, and that world opened up opportunities for me to become an author, appear on the Today Show, and now own my own lucrative matchmaking business.

I use my candle magic, Reiki, affirmations, spells and more on a regular basis to assist me in finding great matches for my clients as well as bring in additional income from unexpected sources.

I have never had a month where abundance or something exciting did not show up.

Life would be so boring if I didn’t use Magick to continue to create the life of my dreams." -Marla Martenson, author of The Buddha Made Me Do It

★ "I do a lot of small magical things every day. I like to "wear" my magic : X-Men Jean Grey earrings, angel wing earrings, moonstone ring, etc. 

I also do a daily draw every morning. I have been getting better about drawing cards and journaling at night....and at night I can really set the scene: lit candles, incense, burning sage, etc. 

I look for signs and synchronicity everywhere, especially when I'm driving. I set intentions every day and try to remember to infuse my food with love and positive vibes. 

My kids and I created a gratitude box that sits on my altar, and we go on nature walks on the weekends. 

I pray a lot. I ask for guidance to show up in my dreams before I go to bed. I keep crystals and smudge spray on a small altar at my job (with the Art of Life Tarot since most people don't realize its a Tarot deck)

I write letters to my future self on my birthday. I have written myself "open in emergency" letters that have messages I will need when I am dealing with a crisis. So magic features heavily in my life." -Amy Bucelewicz

How Does Magick Factor Into YOUR Lifestyle? 

You are more than welcome to add to this conversation by sharing your experience in the comments section down below... I'd love to hear from you!