Stress Management As An Expression Of Radical Responsibility & Quality Self Care...

How do you respond to the small, cumulative stresses of everyday life?

Do you have a strategy in place for managing the daily onslaught of pressure?

What about when the shit hits the fan or something major happens, like a major let down, shock or unwelcome surprise?

Does your nervous system have what it takes to weather life's storms or are you one blustery day away from a complete meltdown?

Radical Responsibility is about tending to all of your life's needs, but today we're simply going to break it down to one...

The need to take care of YOU.

Because if you're not meeting your most basic needs, i.e.. the needs of your body, soon enough, you may get to a point where you're unable to meet anyone's needs, including those you care about most.

Luckily, that's what we're aiming to prevent here today, and I so hope this video will be of service to you that way...

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