MEGA VLOG #12 + A New Year Emoji Spell by Diana Chin of Modern Witchy Woman...

Now that the year is coming to a close, I think it's time we all focus our intentions to create something more positive in 2017, and there's really no better (or more fun) way to do that than by conjuring up an emoji spell...

So- grab your champagne glass, and let’s get magickal!

You will need:

● Smartphone or tablet. For my demonstration, I’m using my iPhone 7.

● One obsidian crystal

● One clear quartz crystal


1. On New Years Eve, set aside some time for you to perform the spell.

Make sure that you’re free from distractions.

2. Using your built in text editor on your phone (ex. Notes on the iOS device), start constructing your emoji spell and affirmations.

Use the template below to make it easier on following the format of the spell...

3. Where it says Affirmation, find a way to give thanks to the year 2016.

Whether or not you consider 2016 to be a difficult year, this is a good opportunity to tie up loose ends and acknowledge the closing of the old year. You can choose to use the same text as I wrote about 2016. Or you can be creative on your response.

Once you do so, place the obsidian crystal to the left of your smartphone. This will represent the passing of 2016.

4. On the next line, write out your plan on how you visualize 2017.

Be very specific with your intentions.

For example, saying “I want to become rich” would open up more loopholes and bring situations where you might not be satisfied with the outcome. Instead, you can say something like this - “I am open to receiving the abundance in all forms of my life”.

By doing so, you’re letting the Universe know that your form of abundance goes beyond the static achievements. In this case, I wrote that I would like to grow my businesses while spending more time with my family.

Once you do so, place the clear quartz crystal to the right of your smartphone. This will represent the clean state that you want to start off for 2017.

5. Now here comes the fun part - constructing the emojis!

On the template that I gave, you would want to have an opener and closer to contain the magick spell.

In this case, I used the spark emoji to symbolize that I’m opening and closing the “circle”. The emojis in the middle are what’s inside the “circle”.

Each of the lines consist of 7 emojis.

Why 7?

If we were to look at the numerology aspect for the number 7, not only it’s a lucky number but it also indicates that we’re seeking the truth and also being invested on remaining focused with our spiritual path.

6. When typing the emojis in the middle part, think of what represents your intention that you wrote for 2017.

For example, I used the painting symbol to represent my design business, crystal ball for my divination website and the couple with son to represent my family.

For each line, make sure to type out that emoji 7 times.

7. Once you're done, be sure to thank your spirit guides.

Keep the emoji spell saved in your phone during the year of 2017...

I hope you enjoyed this spell! As always, sending you lots of love and magickal blessings for the new year ahead...

-Diana Chin, Modern Witchy Woman