BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From The Little Paris Bookshop by Nina George...

This is a book for book nerds.

It's a book for those in the midst of a passionate, life-long romance with imagination.

It's a book for lovers, a book for friends.

It's also a book of healing.

If there is a place inside of you that perpetually mourns for a love lost, this book has the potential to move you through that place and out the other side.

It's so many things, an amusement, an adventure, an invitation to dream.

It's a warning to stop squandering the precious days of your life and a call to really live them.

This book asks that you cherish your loves, savor every sensory morsel you are given and treat each day as an opportunity to experience the full privilege of your being.

For these reasons and more, I say that it is absolutely magickal...

"Books keep stupidity at bay. And vain hopes. And vain men. They undress you with love, strength and knowledge. It's love from within." -Nina George

"She opened the book, held it to her nose and took a long sniff of the pages. Her face reappeared, glowing with contentment." -Nina George

"A book is both medic and medicine at once. It makes a diagnosis as well as offering therapy." -Nina George

"Did you know we're all children of the stars?... When the stars imploded billions of years ago, iron and silver, gold and carbon came raining down. And the iron from the stardust is in us today- in our mitochondria." -Nina George

"It was as if he had passed through a gate of fear and had realized to his surprise that behind it lay not a gaping chasm, but other doors, bright hallways and inviting rooms." -Nina George

"Everybody has an inner room where demons lurk. Only when we open it and face up to it are we free." -Nina George

"The sea was the first thing he found that was large enough to absorb his sorrow." -Nina George

"Death doesn't matter. We will always remain what we were to one another." -Nina George

"We are immortal in the dreams of our loved ones. And our dead live on after their deaths in our dreams. Dreams are the interface between the worlds, between time and space." -Nina George

"You can only really see with your tongue. And your nose and your stomach." -Nina George

"I'm a firm believer that you have to taste a country's soul to understand it and to grasp it's people. And by soul I mean what grows there, what its people see and smell and touch every day, what travels through them and shapes them from the inside out." -Nina George

"Tango is a truth drug. It lays bare your problems and your complexes, but also the strengths you hide from others so as not to vex them. It shows what a couple can be for each other, how they can listen to each other. People who only want to listen to themselves will hate tango." -Nina George

"Her sculptures were almost double human size. It was as though (she) could detect beings trapped in the stone, as though she could see though the unhewn blocks into their soul, hear their cries and feel their hearts beating. (She) would then begin to chisel them free." -Nina George

"He saw sand-colored houses scattered like dice on the green and red and yellow patchwork, as in an old painting. Long rows of vines, ripe and juicy, lined up like soldiers. Huge faded squares of lavender. Green, brown and saffron-colored fields, among them the swaying, waving green of trees." -Nina George

"God must be secretly sitting here, gazing out from this bright summit; only he and the dead were granted the enjoyment of this solemn, sweeping panorama." -Nina George

"He reached into the shelf with both hands, grabbed whole parcels of books out of it and piled them up beside him. The stacks grew into trees. Towers. Magic mountains." -Nina George

"All the love, all the dead, all the people we've known. They are the rivers that feed our sea of souls. If we refuse to remember them, that sea will dry up." -Nina George

"I am the daughter of a tall, strong tree. My timber forms a ship, but it is anchorless, flagless. I set sail for the shade and light; I drink the wind and forget all ports." -Nina George

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