Is Casting A Glamour Ethical? The Why & How Of Practicing This Controversial Form Of Magick...

Practicing magick of any kind is a HUGE responsibility, but hey- so is living your life!

Every choice you make, every attitude, word, thought, deed & interaction dictates your experience. It often shapes the lives of the people around you, as well.

You can choose consciously and with intention or you can live from whim to whim and let the chaos take you where it will.

Magickal people choose to live with intention, especially when it comes to spellwork...

Casting a glamour is about harnessing your own personal power in order to influence the outcome of an interaction with one or more, sometimes many more, people.

This upsets some folks, because they fear that power. More specifically, they fear the misuse of it.

The misuse of a glamour would involve taking advantage of someone sexually or financially or in some other harmful way.

However, people take advantage of each other in all kinds of ways all the time and vilifying magick for that reason is not going to stop them from doing so.

On the other hand, educating ourselves about how casting a glamour works can not only save us from falling victim to someone else's malignant intentions- it can also empower us to do some good in the world.

Have you ever heard the saying- a witch who cannot hex cannot heal?

It's true.

Power is neither good nor bad. It's the way it's used that makes it so.

You can cast a glamour to make a quick connection with a funding committee in order to support a charity that helps sick children or you can use it to sell desperate, gullible people something they don't need or that may even do them harm.

Again- the choice and the responsibility is yours, as well as the consequence.

You have free will.

Magick just makes it more potent... and fun!

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