From Victim To Queen : An Archetype Of Women's Empowerment

Where in your life have you given away your power?

What did that look like? 

How did it make you feel? 

Do you remember the first time you felt like that? 

How old were you?

There are MANY versions of you living within, many archetypes, many ages, many moods... Your inner child, your inner teenager, the scared parts of you, the needy parts, the pieces that identify as victim, martyr, brat, bitch, loser, freak...

They can all be raised up by invoking the power of The Queen.

The Queen is a potent energy that lives deep inside every woman...

She is your sense of worthiness (YES, you ARE worthy! You are.) 

She is your grace, your dignity, your personal sovereignty.

She is the you who knows how to meet your needs and fulfill your heart's desires.

Invoke her name with sincerity, call upon her often, and your life will be transformed...

Suddenly the YOU you've always known yourself to be deep down inside, the YOU who contains your highest potential... that YOU will be guiding your life, one empowered decision at a time, and with every empowered choice, your life will expand... your queendom come on earth as it is already done in Spirit.

That is the work of The Queen.

That is the work we will be doing together in this 5 week audio journey.

Meet your inner Queen! She's been with you all this time...