THE WiTCH LiST : 13 Gifts That Glow With The Magick Of Hygge

I was joking recently about being The Queen Of Hygge, and ya know- there's some truth in that. I really do LOVE LOVE LOVE me some hygge.

Hygge is a Danish word that roughly translates into a cross between cozy & well-being. It also includes the idea of indulging the senses.

To me- it's about embracing the most delicious self care as a way of life.

How cozy & content do you dare to be? How much pleasure will you allow yourself?

LOTS & LOTS, I hope.

Perhaps this list will help... 

Lumii Home's Natural Feather String Lights : Mood lighting is key to creating a perfectly hygge atmosphere & these are especially sweet.

MUK LUKS BOOTS & SLiPPERS : I bought 3 pairs in various styles as Christmas presents this year, and, of course, one pair for myself. They are so perfectly squishy & warm & totally adorable.

Ikea's Tejn Faux Sheepskin Rug : Instantly hyggefy your bed, couch or favorite chair. Doubles as as hyygelicious backdrop for Instagram flatlays.

Grey Vervain's Pyramid Tri-Pod & Cauldron  : Perfect for burning incense or intentions of release. A ritual centered around a cauldron like this makes for some seriously hygge magick.

The Little Book Of Hygge by Meik Wiking : Of course, no hygge list would be complete without the book that brought this Danish craze to the rest of the world. Such a cozy read.

Highland Bluff Studio's Buttery Brew Lumos Candle : Butterbeer, anyone? I may have begged my Mommy for one of these for Christmas. Fingers crossed she comes through...

Extravagantza's Hand-Knit Mohair Bodysuit Jumper :  Ha! I couldn't resist... This thing is pricey, but also soooo comfy-looking. LOVE the buttons up the front.

Third Man Books' We're Going To Be Friends : Friendship is a key component to living the hygge life, and so are books. Two for the price of one.... Three if you're a fan of The White Stripes.

Colorways Gallery's Chunky Knit Blanket : I've always wanted one of these. They pop up a lot on Pinterest & Etsy, and they always make me stop in my tracks like ooooooooh...

Susan Altenau Pottery's Handmade Cat Mug : The most consistently hygge thing about me is my morning brew. Therefore- an assortment of adorable mugs are a must, and this one is so darling. BONUS HYGGE POiNTS if you actually have a cat.

3G Plus Electric Fireplace Space Heater : I have this space heater. You may have seen me posing with it on Instagram? I'm OBSESSED. Truly. Get yourself one. You won't be sorry.

1byone's Natural Wood 3 Speed Turntable : What is more hygge than the slow crackle of analog tunage emanating from an old school turntable? I bought myself this for Christmas. I have long wanted one of the Crosely numbers that come in a suitcase, but they've got horrible reviews and this one is awfully cute. I haven't opened it yet, because... HELLO, Christmas! I can hardly wait.

Heart's Dreamboat Annie : Of course there's no accounting for taste, but I highly recommending kicking off your hygge vinyl session with this for maximum feels.