Magick On The Go #2 : Why Gratitude Is The Key To Manifestation aka Deliberate Creation

When someone sincerely thanks you, doesn't it make you feel seen, acknowledged & eager to do more nice things? Maybe God aka The Universe feels the same way? 

I sometimes worry that, in sharing my magickal practice, witchcraft purists will roll their eyes at my Polyanna Joanna ways or worse- YELL AT ME. Please don't yell at me... LOL. 

But a wiser, more knowing part of me understands that it serves no one to present a bunch of high faulting platitudes based on by-the-book cliches. 

The truth, my truth, is not only good enough, it's the absolute best of what I have to offer.

So- this is my actual practice. It may not be intriguingly dark or Instagram flashy, but it's my practice for a reason.

It works. Plain & simple.

And lest you decide to get all snippy about what constitutes "real magick", I'll share Aleister Crowley's definition of it with you here...

Magick is creating change in conformity with will. 

That's what I do. All day. Every day. And this is what that looks like...

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