5 Reasons Your Magick Isn't Working : Troubleshooting The Law Of Attraction

Have you ever really needed or wanted something so badly that you busted out all the magickal stops & really went for it energetically...

Only to find that exactly nothing happened as a result?

It's frustrating, isn't it?

And it happens to the best of us.

Magick is a strange, mysterious force.

You don't always get what you aim for...

But the reason for that is often an inside job, and that is something you absolutely can do something about.

Here are examples of that & some tips for taking your magick back into your own hands...

1. You are reaching beyond your current level of belief.

2. You are not truly invested in the process of staying in alignment with the desired outcome.

3. You’ve got some shadow issues or subconscious fears that are in direct opposition to the desired manifestation.

4. You are resisting the change needed to bring that manifestation into being.

5. The Universe is handing you a big fat Nope. The trick then is to find the hope in the nope. What is the opportunity being presented now in that delay?


Magick’s delays are not magick’s denials.

And you were born to be a star!

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