HiPPiE WiTCH #492 : Simply Be. The Magick In Being Yourself... with Jessica Zweig

Who are you? 

When no one is looking. In the secret parts of your mind?

Who are you?

When life gives you a squeeze, and the real YOU comes pouring out?

Wayne Dyer used to say something about how when you squeeze an orange, only orange juice will come out.

You will never squeeze an orange and get watermelon juice- no matter how hard that orange might try to be a melon.

An orange is an orange.

And you are you, which is not as simple as it seems on the surface.

Humans are not simple.

We are wonderfully, sometimes frustratingly, complex.

Squeeze a human and you might be surprised by what comes out; anger, music, fear, hope, off color jokes, rebellion, compassion...

2020 was a squeeze, wasn't it?

What did it extract from you?

Perhaps something bittersweet?

I'll bet it was honest.

And so now you (& the people closest to you) know better what you're made of...

You know more about the complex vintage pumping through your veins.

The world got a taste of your flavor.

Yeah- you're fruity alright, and not everyone has the stomach for it

But some do, and you don't want to spoil the whole batch for the picky eaters who can't stand much of anything anyway.   

Dumping a whole heap of sugar into the mix won't necessarily make it sweeter. 

It'll only make it different.

Not you.

Empty calories.

Besides- the real stuff tastes better.

May this latest episode of the podcast inspire you to be a brave orange, to give your juice freely, no pressure needed.

You are delicious.

Simply Be. The Magick In Being Yourself...

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