Form Of... A Power Posse!!!

If you listen to my radio show, watch my videos or chat with me on Facebook, you probably already know that I am a freak about my birthday, a freak that does not just celebrate her birthday but her entire "birthday month" & that next month I'll be turning 40!!!

That means that I am going to be a super freak this September. No joke...

I've already bought & wrapped a few presents for myself to open on my actual birthday (I like to think of this lil' indulgence as an awesome act of SELF LOVE), and then I partnered with three of my favorite women on the planet, women who are also just beginning their forties, to launch what is sure to be a kickass event & one helluva way to celebrate the best decade of our lives!

It's called Four On 40, and you can learn all about it by watching the video & clicking on the link down below... ENJOY!