CRAFTY WiTCH : How To Make A Late Bloomer's Floral Crown

Yesterday in A Kickass Guide To Being A Late Bloomer, I promised you some DiY instructions on how to make your own Late Bloomer's Crown, but, when I sat down to make that video, another idea popped into my head & I just decided to roll with it...

I was thinking about WHY I wanted to make myself a Late Bloomer's Crown, because, on the surface of things, it seems like a pretty frivolous thing to do... although I prefer the word whimsical.

Below the surface, however, it is not frivolous at all. It is symbolic of something deeper, an idea that I am wedded to... a hope, a dream, a promise to myself. 

And- that got me thinking about the other things we wear that may be unnecessary in terms of survival or practicality but are important to us none the less.

So- obviously jewelry sprung to mind, and I started contemplating the symbolism of a wedding ring, the whole from-this-day-forewardness of it and how, as Late Bloomers, we could use a bit of symbolism like that, something that we can keep on us every day to remind ourselves that we are committed to this new & brightly blooming chapter of our lives.

A floral crown may be fun in a whimsical kind of way, but a ring or necklace is a tad more subtle & will probably last longer.

Anyway... Deep Thoughts With Jo... Dunno how that happened! LOL. All I wanted to do was make myself a crown! -xo

Making a floral crown is one of the easiest DiY projects of all time & there are myriad ways of going about it. This is how I made mine...

First, I went to the floral section of my local craft store and picked out a few seasonal items. I wanted to stick with the colors of Autumn, because a) my birthday is at the end of September and b) I feel Autumn best represents the spirit of the Late Bloomer. It also just happens to be my favorite time of year...

I thought I was looking for a pre-made grapevine wreath that I could just plunk onto my head as a base, but that had a very Jesus-on-the-cross look & feel (ouch!) to it, so I instead opted for a spindly, long wire of amber glass & silk flowers with a sprinkling of deep orange berries.

I wrapped one end of it around my head to establish a good fit & then I continued to wind it around itself until it formed a wreath, which actually looked pretty cute all on it's own.

And then- utilizing the magick of my trusty glue gun, I embellished the wreath with a few strategically placed silk flowers & a bit of burgundy glitter glue. And that was that. Easy peasy. I think it took all of ten minutes!


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