BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes From Prince Charming Isn't Coming : How Women Get Smart About Money by Barbara Stanny

You can probably tell by the tattered condition of my copy of Prince Charming Isn't Coming : How Women Get Smart About Money that it is a book I have spent a lot of time with.

This book was a major game-changer for me and launched me into an epic journey of self-empowerment that I feel I am still just beginning to get the hang of.

It contains so many powerful nuggets of wisdom for women regarding their money and their ability- no- scratch that- their responsibility to take care of themselves(!) that I think it should be required reading for any woman who has not yet achieved financial freedom for herself.

  "No matter how we come to the realization that Prince Charming isn't coming, no matter how it may hurt, it is the awareness that gets us going and sets us free." -Barbara Stanny

  "I realized that until I could take care of myself, I would never have a healthy relationship. I now needed to become like the kind of man I had been looking for." -Barbara Stanny

  "The decision to stop relying on others and take charge of our money is one we may need to make over and over again. Whenever we find ourselves thinking: 'Someday my prince will come', we must change the words to: 'I can do it. I am there for me.'" -Barbara Stanny

  "Getting smart with money, for most women, constitutes a rite of passage. It is a transformational experience, a hero's- no, a heroine's- journey." -Barbara Stanny

  "If we could shift our perspective just slightly, if we could look at the experience of taking control of our money as a heroic journey rather than a hopeless predicament, then maybe what feels menacing could become meaningful. Instead of regarding confusion, fear, and discomfort as signs that something is wrong, we could take them as an indication that something is changing." -Barbara Stanny

  "A financially independent woman is the final emancipation for both sexes... The burden of success will be lifted from men, just as the mantle of subjugation will be lifted from women. Everyone will then be freer to make satisfying personal choices." -Barbara Stanny

  "This secrecy around money is not only frustrating. It's debilitating. It hampers the inner work and delays the outer work. Secrecy breeds fear. Fear creates paralysis. Paralysis intensifies fear. The cycle perpetuates itself. It's time we end the silence." -Barbara Stanny

  "How we act around money won't change without changes in what we believe- about money, about ourselves. Learning about money then becomes an unlearning process as well. This unlearning is the very essence of the inner work we must do." -Barbara Stanny

  "Beliefs may be powerful, but they are also arbitrary. Beliefs are simply decisions we've made based on emotional reactions to situations. Beliefs have no relationship to fact or reality." -Barbara Stanny

  "If we trust our intuition, learn from our mistakes, go slow, start small, diversify broadly, and invest regularly and knowledgeably, we'll become our own financial experts." -Barbara Stanny

  "Wealth is not so much what you have. Wealth comes from what you do with what you have." -Barbara Stanny

  "Economic responsibility is an evolutionary phenomenon. As our financial life stabilizes, there is a natural progression from needing to get a grip on our money to wanting to extend our reach into the world." -Barbara Stanny

  "When a woman uses her money to express her values and beliefs, when she makes financial decisions based on who she is, not on what she should do, and when she acts firmly and confidently on those decisions, then she becomes a very powerful woman." -Barbara Stanny

  "Achieving economic independence is truly a personal triumph, a cause for celebration, a gift to the world as well as ourselves." -Barbara Stanny

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