The Sovereign Goddess As A Guide To Financial Freedom And Empowerment...

Last fall I did a series of podcasts on the four archetypes of survival; the saboteur, the victim, the child, and the prostitute, and how you can learn to harness these energies to empower your life :

If these four archetypes are about surviving, The Sovereign Goddess is all about thriving!

The Sovereign Goddess is an archetype or a spiritual guide that we can tap into to harness our inner queen, the part of ourselves that demands absolute freedom, independence and financial control.

She goes after what she wants, is mindful of her money, and would never dream of handing the fate of her financial future over to a lover, husband, father, accountant or even a trusted financial adviser.

She may choose to join forces with one of these people, but she would never relinquish control, opt out of the decision making process or allow herself to remain ignorant of the facts. 

She will not be made a pawn in someone else's game, even by accident. Her vision is sharp, her intellect fierce, and she trusts her own intuition.

If you would like to tap into this powerful archetype and channel it's energy as a guide, you need only ask. Say a prayer. Do a special invocation. Call her forth, and she will be there.

Perhaps you would like to build her a sacred altar or shrine? You could make a vision board or keep a special diary designed to feed that energy within on a regular basis.

And- don't forget to make room for her to do her thing. Educate yourself about money. Start small if you have to. Start somewhere, anywhere... Just begin. Begin and keep going, one step at a time...

Let her know that you are moving forward in faith by taking action.

Join a local investment club. Start reading the Wall Street Journal. Talk about money with your friends and your partner.  Track your daily spending habits. Create a daily ritual around visiting your bank account online...

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 

If you don't know where to begin, start by exploring the following resources. They're as good a place to begin as any.

The Sovereign Goddess is not there to judge you for your current lack of competence. She is there to guide you on your journey toward financial freedom.

She's got your back, and, as long as you continue to show up for yourself day by day in whatever small way, she will show up for you too, and there's power in that. Believe!

3 Kickass Online Financial Resources :

EVERY WiTCH WAY Interviews With Money Experts :


* I created this post as an extension of FOUR On 40 On MONEY, and I encourage you to explore the other offerings created by my fellow co-hosts in order to help empower you financially...