The Magick Of Scripting + Surrender To What Is... And Then Make The Most Of It.

Someone made a comment on the last video I published (the one about easing your way into a big transition in the same way you might slowly descend into a cold swimming pool), contradicting my entire point by saying that sometimes you've got to just take the plunge...

And you know what? She's right! Sometimes you do just have to take the plunge. 

And- sometimes you have to ease your way into it...

There is no right or wrong way to do such things. There is only what works for YOU and the situation at hand.

MAGiCK is a lot like that, too.

You can argue all day long about whether or not you should wave your right or left hand when calling in the winds of the wild wild west, but in the end... you've just got to get on with it. 

It is my belief that we learn best by doing, and the wonderful thing about magick is it's an experiential practice...

It's about play & exploration, and there are myriad ways to go about achieving a desired result or creating change in conformity with will.

Therefore, I thought it would be FUN to kind of contradict myself here today- to present two totally different ways of approaching the idea of creating the kickass life of your dreams...

The first has to do with harnessing the power of visualization in a tangible, hands on way, and the second is all about letting Spirit be your guide.

I personally like to do both and see no reason why I can't have my witchy cake & eat it too!

But- you tell me... Which of these two appeals most to you?

As for the second part of this post, the part in which I kinda sorta contradict everything I said in the above video...

I want to talk about SURRENDER. 

"Surrender" is the word that I chose on my 41st birthday to explore in great depth for the year ahead.

In truth, I felt like it chose me. I don't know that Surrender is a word I would have chosen otherwise.

I mean- it's not all that appealing at first glance. In fact, it sounds a lot like quitting or giving up, and I am NOT a quitter, damn it! I'm not.

Or am I?

Maybe being a quitter can sometimes be a good thing?

Quitting a nasty habit is good, right? Quitting an abusive relationship, a destructive pattern, the need to control everything all the time no matter what... control, control, control...

Quitting that kind of nonsense is AWESOME.

So- while having the power to create change in conformity with your will is an incredible gift from The Universe, it may not be all it's cracked up to be.

As my friend Julia likes to point out- with great power comes great responsibility, and, if you're in control freak mode or caught up in playing the victim, YOUR will may not be the hottest thing going.

That's when I think the "co" in co-creating your reality can be a real life-saver...

Let Go & Let God/dess...

Sometimes Spirit knows better than you.

Sometimes there's a bigger picture in play beyond your narrow focus.   

And sometimes- Surrender can be an amazing guide.

If you're already living a somewhat stressful existence, trying to balance a hectic work schedule with a busy family and a bunch of side projects and some semblance of a sex life, not to mention sleep(!), do you even have the head space for another magickal practice?

Affirmations, candle spells, vision boards, crystal grids and, YES, scripting- they're all so much fun. They're also powerful psycho-spiritual tools. I wouldn't mess around with them if they weren't.

However- in certain situations- they can become counterproductive, contributing to the clutter of your everyday life.

At the very least, they can create a kind of chaotic mind clutter that makes it hard to get clear on what it is you really need... and, in that case, it's GOOD to clear that shit out!

That's why we're working with the concept of Space Clearing & The Art Of Internal Feng Shui in this module, and one of the quickest ways I know for doing this is to simply surrender.

Give up. Let go, and let Spirit take over. Amazing things can happen when you do.

As you may already know, I am an enthusiastic tarot enthusiast and LOVE to use the cards to further explore ideas like this, and the first card that springs to mind when I hear the word Surrender is the Hanged Man :

The Hanged Man is a card that often represents feeling stuck in limbo, but it can also mean looking at a situation from a fresh perspective (upside down) or surrendering to what is so that you can then make the most of it.

I once read a comparison between the Hanged Man & a new born baby that has stuck with me ever since.

Back in the day, before women were made to give birth lying flat on their backs in a hospital bed, they had their babies at home or out in the wild in a squatting position. That way the babies emerged head first & upside down, much like the Hanged Man...

This allowed gravity to ease the child's passage and the mother's pain. There was a sense of surrendering to the forces of Nature- which is in sharp contrast to the way we do things now.

Today- women are required to push-push-PUSH their babies out into the world using great will, but- if a mother pushes too soon, before her body is ready, she may tear and the baby could suffer unnecessary stress.

This all seems so absurd when you consider how much easier it is to give birth using Nature as a guide while surrendering to the force of gravity...

Perhaps giving birth to a new project or desired change is the same way?

Maybe we don't need to push-push-PUSH that change out in conformity with our will?

Maybe we can just relax, surrender to what is, and then make the most of it?

That's what Surrender means to me now. It's about letting Spirit be your guide, getting clear on what is (not what you would like to be- but what actually is...) and then going with the flow of that rather than struggling against it.

And- I have to say- ever since hitting on this particular bit of wisdom, my life has been all the sweeter for it... -xo

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding the SPRiNG TRANSiTiON module, and I will be more than happy to get right back to you. -xo