BOOK NERD : Kickass Quotes from A Witch Alone - The Essential Guide For The Solo Practitioner Of The Magical Arts by Marian Green

Picking this book back up to put this blog post together makes me want to experience it all over again, and I do mean EXPERiENCE.

A Witch Alone is NOT a book you read. It is a book you do.

And- I'm so glad that I did it as instructed over the course of 13 moon cycles, chapter by chapter.

I did it as part of my first "official" on-the-books year and a day, along with Christopher Penczak's The Inner Temple Of Witchcraft, and so it will forever be precious to me.

What I love most about this book is that it really encourages you to get out into Nature and connect with Spirit there, but it's not just about tree-hugging and learning to respect Mother Earth.

It's about working with Her, tapping into the magick of Nature, learning how to use a pendulum, douse for water, trance journey, create herbal magick, and many other wonderful things.

It's also fairly comprehensive in that it will give any beginner to The Craft a nice overview and framework for building a rich personal practice.

That is what it did for me...

"Light is not just illumination to see by but a path to follow..." -Marian Green

"Because both the sun and the moon dictate the cycles of our lives, giving us days and nights, months, times of inwardness and bright periods of outer growth, so these forces can be invoked to help with rituals." -Marian Green

"Even in our humblest little rites we use light, for it is most common to light a candle before an indoor meditation... A tiny point of living flame forms a sphere of illumination and it is the unconsidered symbolism of this which helps direct, protect and enhance our magics." -Marian Green

"To be able to control the state of your own conscious awareness is a very valuable skill. It requires lots of regular and consistent practice to bring the most fractious part of our beings under control, and yet without it all magical acts, rituals or divinations are pale shadows of what they could be, if the will is there to direct the inner perceptions accurately towards the goal of the moment." -Marian Green

"Like many games, most of the psychic arts need to be tackled in a playful or lighthearted manner, for nothing stops them working more than trying too hard." -Marian Green

"There is no simple way of learning how to venture swiftly into the Otherworld, except by regular experiments." -Marian Green

"One of the simplest and safest forms of plant lore, traditional to our culture, is the use of herbal teas, which can assist with minor complaints and has the added advantage of aiding some of the psychic aspects of your life too." -Marian Green

"Relaxation is by far the most healing art you can learn, or share with others. It is an essential part of all magical work, for power can only be handled safely by one who is at peace and still within themselves..." -Marian Green

"The Old Arts have a very high ethical foundation. The main object of entering any magical circle, pagan or High Magic, is to improve yourself, to grow in wisdom, to serve others through your growing skills." -Marian Green

"One of the most powerful magical acts you can experience is a unity with Nature herself." -Marian Green

"The Goddess is nameless, yet she has many names in many lands and pantheons." -Marian Green

"The Goddess is the Ruler of Change, of Times and causing, controlling and shaping change, in this world and the inner worlds." -Marian Green

"Be at peace, seek the calmness and enduring qualities of a big, healthy tree, ask for the voice or energy of a bubbling brook or the surging sea." -Marian Green

"Be silent, still and patient. Feel the earth beneath you, the sky above, and the eternal balance in which they stand." -Marian Green

"I think that if the witches of today thought more about the actual workings of Nature and less of book-bound, set knowledge, they would gain more power in their magics, more joy in their celebrations, and a greater sense of unity with their ancestors and the ancient faith they aim to follow." -Marian Green

"The more rules and restrictions, the more hollow the teaching and empty the lore." -Marian Green

"We expect magic to be complicated, ritualistic and intellectual, when really it is so simple, so trivial and a matter of allowing the untaught heart to speak in silence, and the unfocused attention to show us answers which have been there under our feet all the time." -Marian Green

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