THE WiTCH LiST : 5 Reasons Why Every Witch Needs To Ditch The Standard American Diet Right Now...

Before we get started here- let us first clarify what the Standard American Diet is & what it is not.

Unfortunately, it's NOT just an American thing.

Fake, toxic, food-like-products have gone global and new terms like the "Western Pattern Diet" are starting to come to the fore, as they better represent the magnitude of the issue at hand.

The Western Pattern Diet is a diet of short term convenience and long term pain.

It's a diet that has undermined the health of millions of people all around the world, threatening the lives of future generations and the planet we live on.

It dramatically increases the risk of diabetes, cancer, Alzheimers, autoimmune conditions and a wide variety of mental health issues like anxiety & depression. 

It also poisons the air & water ways, strips the soil of essential minerals, kills our precious bees, and fosters an industry of heart-wrenching animal cruelty.

Seeing as witches, hippies, and light-working types of all stripes are people who care deeply about Mother Earth and every creature who calls Her home, we are the very people being called forward now to help usher in a new era of health, abundance and respect for all life.

"We need to be the change we wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

And so I give you...

5 Reasons Why Every Witch Needs To Ditch The Standard American Diet...

#1 The First Wealth Is Health :

Without health, what good is a gynormous pile of money?

If you can afford to visit any place in the world, but you can't get out of bed to enjoy it- what's the point?

The point is health.

Health is the wealth that allows you the freedom to enjoy all the others.

#2 Let Food Be Thy Medicine & Medicine Be Thy Food :

Witches are healers.

We heal with reiki & herbs & crystals & candle magick, but one of the most potent healing modalities that often gets overlooked is food.

I'm not talking about herbal tinctures, potions & infusions. Those things get plenty of attention in the witchy community, because they are effective and perhaps a bit mysterious, even glamorous.

Herblism is one of the things that first attracted me to the Craft of the Witch. So- believe me, I understand that attraction, and I know the power of a properly prepared brew.

But- the meals we consume day after day don't often get the same love.

I think this is a shame, because that's where the big healing can start to take place and it is especially powerful when it comes to preventative medicine.

Food is medicine.

It's fuel. It's energy. It's life. It's pleasure. Yes. Yes. It's all those things... and it's also medicine.

If you're living on fast food & slurpies, trying to fix a major health problem with an herbal tincture or a reiki session is a bit like putting a Bandaid on a bullet hole.

First- you have to remove the bullet. Then you have to stop the bleeding. Otherwise, the damage is still being done and it won't be long before you're performing another "healing" ritual.

Of course, I believe that many forms of dis-ease begin in the psycho-spiritual realms, but just as many, if not many more, are clearly rooted in our guts.

Therefore, true healing... it has to start with food.

#3 Be The Transformation That You're Offering The World :

Do you want, as the old definition of magick goes, to create change in conformity with your will?

Would you like to help others create that kind of change for themselves?

Then- for my money- the quickest way to do that is to change what you're putting in your belly.

You have, assuming you eat breakfast, lunch & dinner, at least 3 opportunities every day to transform your body & mind with the food you put on your plate.

Now that's power!

And- since you're probably going to be putting something on your plate anyway, why not make it something that gives you a healthy glow, radiant energy & a happy lil' pep in your step?

Why not be the transformation that you're offering the world?

Be a walking billboard for self empowerment.

Empower your fellow human beings by showing them what is possible. 

Be the change, witches... Be the change!

#4 Witches Are Sexy :

Witches are sensual creatures.

We engage with Nature in a way that is truly hands on. We don't just admire it from afar, we get into it. You might even say that we make love to it...

We get our hair wet & our feet dirty. We perfume the air with incense & sage.

We adorn our space with all manner of beauty, working with the energies of earth, air, fire, water, and employing all our senses in the magick we create.

So- why stop when there? Why not carry that mentality into the dimension of food?

I can promise you that there is nothing on the shelves of your local convenience market that is even half as sensual as a ripe, juicy peach bursting with flavor in your mouth and running down your chin.


Real food is a multi-sensory experience, and we are meant to experience it... daily.

#5 Be A Steward Of The Goddess : 

I have a confession to make here- I am not big on goddess worship.

It's not that I have anything against The Goddess. I feel that, as an archetype, she's super empowering.

It's just that, as a Pantheist, I don't worship any anthropomorphic deities, male or female. I choose instead to see "God" as a mysterious, eternal, creative force that both contains everything and is contained within everything.

Having said that, I do believe our planet is a living, intelligent being, and that we each are extensions of it... or "Her", you might say.

In fact, the earth feels quite feminine to me, and I have no problem referring to Her as Mother Earth or Mother Nature.

I can touch the Earth. I can feel Her skin pressing against my feet when I walk. I can see Her generous fruit ripen right before my eyes, breathe in the fresh air Her lovely green assistants provide, swim in Her waters, climb Her trees...

And that is so very REAL. That is something I can believe in. And- it's something I want to protect.

FOOD is the way I choose to do that. Voting with my dollars. Making choices that serve us both well.

And that- to me- is the way it's meant to be. It's one of the many things that make me proud to call myself a witch.

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