Taking The Path Of Least Resistance Does Not Mean Being Lazy... In Fact- Delayed Gratification Can Be Fully Gratifying In The Moment...

Ease & Flow.

How GOOD do those words feel?

They feel amazing to me... Like that's my aim these days... Ease & Flow...

And- in merely setting my intention to go about my day in a state of Ease & Flow, and then keeping my focus there... Ease & Flow happens.

It's also super eye-opening when you realize that all those years you spent flexing your will power, fighting for your dream, pushing pushing pushing were not optimally spent.

Fighting doesn't get you to your dream any faster than moving with the stream, going with the flow, letting Spirit be your guide...

In fact, it might actually be slowing you down!

If you have to struggle to make something happen- it might not be the something for you.

If you have to suffer to get what you want, you may not even want it in the end.

Life is funny that way.

And- that's why I have chosen to take The Path Of Least Resistance in everything I do.

The Path Of Least Resistance is not about being lazy. It's not about not caring or not setting goals.  

It's about honoring your natural rhythms, saying YES to the opportunities presented, and making the most of the energy on hand...

I also want to say a word about so called "delayed gratification".

It can be surprisingly gratifying in the moment, and- in that way- there's nothing delayed about it.

If you know that the actions you are taking will move you closer to your dream, if you can take those actions from a place of JOYFUL expectation, delayed gratification is a beautiful thing.

There is a motto that I find extremely motivating, and- despite my intention to take The Path Of Least Resistance and live my life in Ease & Flow, I repeat it to myself often...

Don't Trade What You Want Most For What You Want Now.

That- to me- does not feel like a struggle.

It feels electrifying! It gets me moving in a way that is easy & flowy...

When I have a clear idea of what I want most, a vision that truly fires me up, I'm happy to put down the cookies, peel myself off the couch and go for a jog. I can shut off the TV and write that blog post.

It's a frame of mind.

The confidence & sense of accomplishment I feel after making a choice like that builds self esteem & creates momentum... joyful, liberating momentum...

And- when you create momentum like that on your way to a special dream, things start to move. Allies & opportunities start to appear.

Magick... REAL MAGiCK, starts to happen.

So... What about you?

What comes naturally to you? 

What feels easy? 

Where does your energy want to flow?

What if you did more of that?

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