A Kickass Tarot Link Roundup + 5 Journal Prompts, 5 Stops Along The Fool's Journey...

Nature may be at the heart of my spirituality, but tarot is the special sauce that gives it extra oomph.

I use it for divination, contemplation and sometimes just for the pretty.

The Major Arcana as The Fool's Journey is of particular interest to me, as is the four suits as they correspond to the four elements in magick and The Queen Of Swords, which I have come to see as a kind of totem.

I explored all this & more in October, as tarot was the theme for that month, but- seeing as that theme is going to be bleeding into November for a few days more, I thought a nifty roundup might be fun...

So- here's my personal take on Tarot. Take from it what you will :

I also REALLY enjoyed The Fool's Journey challenge that we did on Facebook a couple of weeks ago & thought it would make an interesting set of journal prompts.

So- here's that as well... ENJOY! -xo

The Magician is the first card of The Fool's Journey and a reminder that everything you need to kick off your adventure is as much within as it is without... 

Air, Water, Fire, Earth will be the building blocks of your creation. 


To move from the place of dreaming to the magick of action, what step can you take NOW to really kick things off in the right direction?

When in your life did you find your self stuck in the phase of The Fool and in need of some Magician energy? 

What could you have done differently to get things moving?

Did you know that "the word 'triumph', in Italian trionf, is the original name for the trumps, a word that itself means 'triumph'?" (Rachel Pollack)

Pretty cool, eh? 

The Chariot card, as the 7th stop on The Fool's Journey, is a special triumph in & of itself, as it signifies the achievement (or triumph) of the first level of the Major Arcana, which is all about ego development.

Ego development is not about becoming a self-serving, greedy narcissist. 

It's about yoking the will of the ego to the will of the Soul, which is so beautifully demonstrated in The Chariot card.

If the "horse" of your will and the "horse" of your Soul are going in two different directions, your chariot is going to be in for one wild and possibly dangerous ride.

Have you ever felt like you're being pulled in two different directions?

What did you do (or what COULD you do) to integrate or reconcile those opposing desires?

If you find yourself in a state of limbo, remember that you are not being punished. 

The moment you surrender entirely, you will see your situation from an entirely new perspective.

What is it in life that you have or have had the hardest time releasing your grip on?

If you were able to do so- even for a moment- how did your perspective change?

Moderation... Balance... Sobriety... Walking The Middle Path...

The Temperance card is one of the most mysterious, multi-faceted cards in the Major Arcana, and for that reason- for today's challenge- I thought I would give you a break from the deep personal investigation to instead focus on your own unique tarot expertise! (even if you're a beginner & just going off intuition)...

What does Temperance mean to you???

The World is our final stop on The Fool's Journey, but you & I both know it really isn't final at all- as every ending is a beginning and the circle of life goes on.

What this stop is about is synthesis. 

We've come a long way on this journey, we've learned so much, and this moment is all about integration and taking the time to acknowledge what we have achieved.

What have YOU achieved?

“The cards give you images and symbols to focus your vague intentions and transform them into action. Your will is the magic. In other words, you are the magic.”  -Theresa Francis-Cheung