HiPPiE WiTCH #269 : The Magick Of Self Image

Your life is a reflection of who you are, and who you are is a product of self image. Your beliefs about yourself, for better and worse, are then reinforced by the experiences that belief enables... Thus your "reality" is formed.

Fortunately, self image can be changed, and that's what we're exploring here today...

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"The truly wonderful thing about the Queen program was that it did not provide me with a prescription for living. It provided me instead with signposts to a magical path with shoes for travelling, to whatever destination I choose. It taught me that I have the strength, the courage, the wisdom and the compassion to follow my own path, knowing that it is a path that I must walk alone, and that yet every woman walks it with me. Unique and united: thank you Jo DeVoe." -Ruth Davmor

★ "Well, I feel different now! I feel like I was longing for a program to help me take away a veil of lies and conditioning that was keeping me from expressing my true self.

QUEEN made me blast all that away and it's an ongoing process. I think I will continue working with the Queen archetype, always polishing my inner queen until she's shiny like a star.

The program guided me well with practical advice and exercises to "queen up" my whole life. The installments are very thorough and cover a wide variety of topics and aspects of a woman's life. I especially liked the fact that the exercises are precise enough to offer a good starting point to journal, take action and re-think things but customizable enough to allow room for creativity and freedom. 

It's been a very empowering process, and I don't want it to stop! I am staying with the queen. 

The facebook group has been especially inspiring, helpful and encouraging. I really felt included in a collective journey to help women at large, and I think that is one of the coolest things about this work! It's not just about me! It's about all of us!

One last note: thank you, Joanna, for your authenticity, availability and friendliness. A "queen" program could sound intimidating but it was not. It was both comforting and empowering thanks to the good vibes you infuse in your work. LONG LIVE THE QUEENS!" -Iria Del

★ "Before this program, I was a defeated damsel, martyr, and victim. I made all of my decisions based on fear, some reasonable and some irrational. For many years now, I have harbored fantasies about starting my life over. I have been very unhappy at my job since starting it 13 years ago, despite getting high evaluations. I thought I could justify staying there for the money because I own a home and I enjoy traveling. So I basically sacrificed my happiness for money. But now that I have a mortgage and children, I have been fearful about making changes. 

In my fantasy, we sell our house and move down to Georgia. This would require a great deal of faith. I have worried about uprooting my children, about not being able to find a decent paying job, about how my family would adjust to living on a lot less and not being able to provide them the lifestyle they are currently accustomed to. But I feel like if I was living in alignment with my true values, not only would I be happier, but we would be happier as a family. If I could live closer to the ocean and have access to outdoor activities year round, I would be able to give up traveling and taking epic vacations. I would be willing to live in a 1-2 bedroom apartment instead of our 3 bedroom house. I used to talk myself out of this idea all the time because it felt too risky, too scary. 

But the Queen program has taught me that when I stand in my own power, in my own integrity, and line up with my true values and desires, nothing is impossible. 

I may not have all of it figured out today, but this program has given me the courage to stop fantasizing and start actually creating a plan and taking the steps to achieve my dreams instead of putting them off until retirement. Now instead of feeling knots in my stomach of dread, I feel the butterflies of excitement from possibilities. The Queen program has shown me that I am never stuck and I always have options, I just need to have more faith in myself." -Amy Bucelewicz