KICKASS WITCH : Putting The "K" In Magick
Do you ever feel like there's a gigantic gap between the way you're living now and the life of your dreams? Do you sometimes wish you could wave a magick wand and all of your problems would just disappear so that you could finally step into the kickass life you know you were meant to lead? I can't promise you that transformation is as easy as waving a magick wand, but I do have quite a few tricks up my sleeve and am more than happy to share them with you here. So, chin up, Gorgeous, stick around and, most importantly... BELIEVE!

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

HiPPiE WiTCH #353 : FEAR LESS. Processing Shadows & Old Pent Up Junk

To process is to progress... to fully & finally integrate or even transform an experience so that you can continue (or begin again) to move forward in life.

Shadow work is one of many tools that can help you do that.

Signs that you haven't yet processed the fear of the past include things like recurrent dreams or intrusive thoughts that replay a painful event on a loop- not because your subconscious is trying to torture you or keep you locked in frightening old patterns- but because it is trying to set you free.

The shadow is always aiming for integration and will continually present opportunities to process such events so that you can move on at last...whole & complete.

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