HiPPiE WiTCH #457 : Why The Political Is Personal + The Shadow Wand book chat with Laurie Forest

Many people are feeling overwhelmed by politics lately.

It seems like everything from the food we put on the table & the way we spend our money to the words we use & the books we read (not to mention the people we choose to love) is now up for debate...

Which can feel threatening, because these aspects of our lives are deeply personal.

But see, that's the thing...

The personal is political. 

The political is personal.

That's why, if you are a person who wants to have a say in critical decisions made on your behalf (& on behalf of the ones you love), opting out of the political process is not an option.

Having said that... 

The whole "Us vs Them" partisan divide is another matter all together.

That is some nonsense.

And it's mostly generated on purpose to keep us from uniting as one force...

The people. 

People power.

Power to the people!

Human rights are the business of every caring person of any political affiliation.

We live in a time of extraordinary opportunity, creative expression & information.

Let's use all that to harness the threads of common good between us and weave together a new social tapestry that tells a better story for us all.

Why The Political Is Personal + The Shadow Wand book chat with author Laurie Forest...

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