HiPPiE WiTCH #474 : It's Personal. When Your Biz Is Built On Relationships...

One of a small handful of things I consider essential to my happiness is my biz, this biz, the one you're engaged with here now.

I deeply enjoy the biz witch life, and I love helping other spiritual entrepreneurs make their biz witch dreams happen.

Today's podcast is about that.

I recorded it in one quick ramble of enthusiasm without notes, because I get a huge kick out of this stuff. I could talk about it all day. 

During said ramble I heard myself say something that I had never heard myself say before.

It was about relationships. 

I said that I want to create relationships through my biz that I hope will last a lifetime.

The moment the words came out of my mouth, I knew they were true.

That's because my brand is personal.

Personal brands are built on relationships. 

Everything you know about how to establish & maintain healthy relationships apply.

Some relationships do actually last a lifetime, but they are special and rare.

Most only last a season or two, and that's all they're meant to do.

Some people only stay in your life (or the life of your biz) for a quick spell.

And some are just cruising by on their way to someplace else.

The people I make content for are potential lifers. They are the folks I aim to please. 

If someone is willing to grow alongside me, even if only for a spell, that's precious and I want to honor that in all I do.

Whether you're here for a season or just passing through, I hope that intention serves you well too... 

★ It's Personal. When Your Biz Is Built On Relationships...


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