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Friday, October 30, 2020

HiPPiE WiTCH #476 : The Magick of Victorians & The Fun of NaNoWriMo with Steele Alexandra

What was it about the Victorians that (well past a century later) still has so many of us spellbound with intrigue?

Could it be the fashion of their day, which was strict and confining yet exquisite with detail... all those tiny buttons, seed pearls and secret compartments?

Or could it be the way they kept such close ties with death and the spirit world?

Is it a book thing? 

A cool old house thing? 

Or all of the above?

Steele Alexandra may not have all the answers, but she most certainly is a woman who enjoys delving deep into the mystery... 

The Magick of Victorians & The Fun of NaNoWriMo with Steele Alexandra...

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